Happy Birthday, Nova!

Nova is a year old today! She was the very first lamb born here, and the only one I’ve gotten to watch being born. I’ve told her that having her own lamb would be a splendid way to celebrate, but she said she’d rather have a crunchy treat party.


“I need lots of crunchies; I’m eating for two!”

Nova’s such a pretty girl. The older she gets, the more she looks like her mother.

Mira gets highly indignant when I feed the other sheep crunchies, even though she won’t eat them herself. I’ve tried giving her some, but she just sucks on them until they’re soggy then spits them out. Nevertheless, she feels that since I’m her “mama”, I shouldn’t feed anyone but her.


“Maaaama! Why are you feeding her? What about meeee?”

She finally got irritated enough to try to run Nova off herself. Tiny little Mira popping Her Royal Woolliness II right on the head was highly entertaining to see. Nova was flabbergasted, though I’m sure she hardly felt the impact. Then Princess barged in and declared that since she did all the work producing Nova, she ought to get all the birthday crunchies. Poor Nova, everybody crashing her party and stealing the spotlight.


“Oh well, it was delicious while it lasted!”

Happy birthday, little Nova!


Princess and Nova, 3/26/2014


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Nova!

    • I suppose it’s possible, but that would make me sad for Princess. Mira has a lot of growing to do before she’ll be ready to attempt a coup, though.

  1. Dear Sarah,
    We’re finding it truly fascinating just how strong is the bond that Mira has with you. The imprinting instinct is powerful. Love how she stays close by, rests on or next to you, becomes jealous of your attention, and makes short explorations with runs back to safety. I cannot help but think of my twin boys. Treating the matter from a scientific perspective, their behavior is remarkably similar. Wonder if most young mammals behave this way.

    Anyhow, thank you again for treating us to the journey through lambing season. It’s been great fun.

    Very best,

    Natalie in town where the sun is cooing “Warm…” but the air is shouting “Icy!”

    • I think all young mammals do have a lot of similar instincts, including the instinct to’cling’ to their mothers. Mira definitely is bonded to me, she will literally make herself sick if I leave her for too long, even if there’s someone else she knows staying with her.

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