Chilly Again

Nova still hasn’t had her lamb. She looks like she swallowed a beach ball. She has officially surpassed her mother’s record for Longest-Running Lambing Drama Party. I’ve told her repeatedly that it’s not a competition, but she’s still lumbering about insisting that the lamb is about to come without actually lambing.

The weather turned cold again Sunday. Mira has outgrown all of her baby sweaters, so she had to wear one of Sandy’s coats instead. She hated wearing it and threw a fit, but without it she would just stand by my leg and shiver, so the coat was the lesser of the two evils.

She likes going out to see the other sheep and gets very excited when we go into the field, even if she is forced to wear a silly too-big jacket.


“Hi Duchess! It’s me! Let’s play!”

“What on earth are you wearing?”

The sheep were a bit put off by the jacket at first. They’ve seen her in sweaters before, but not for a while and this one probably smells like Sandy.


“Look at me! I’m so excited!”

“Really? I couldn’t tell.”

Even with the strange jacket, the rest of the flock is starting to accept Mira as a regular visitor, if not an actual flock member. Princess is still a bit suspicious, but Princess isn’t a very friendly sheep to begin with. At least she doesn’t chase Mira and knock her down like she used to.


“Don’t you pick on my little boy!”

“Um, Mama? She’s too little to pick on me. Will’s the pest; tell him to stop jumping on me!”

Will’s been driving Bran crazy, but I consider it only fair, as Bran is driving everyone else crazy. The two of them are getting much more bold, and doing very well playing together with Mira.


“You can’t catch me, slowpokes!”

They even got Auntie Duchess to play with them for a while.


“I’m going to get you, you little punk!”



Eventually Bran got tired of Will bouncing off of him, and they had to stop running and settle some differences.


“Stop. Jumping. On. Me!”

“Make me!”

Duchess looks slightly concerned about the boys playing rough. Mira was just sort of confused. She still doesn’t quite understand that game.


“Why’d everybody stop, Mama?”

Hopefully it’ll warm back up soon. Next time we have a reasonably warm day that coincides with a few hours of free time, I’m going to try to get Liam sheared.


11 thoughts on “Chilly Again

    • That’s what I get for using Robin Hood names, a bunch of hoodlums. 🙂
      Mostly in Nova’s case I’m worried about the lamb growing too big for her to deliver safely since it’s her first, and that her lamb might be too far behind to get along with the other lambs. More the former reason than the latter, since this lamb’s brother/uncle is so huge. The size difference between Shetlands and Soays isn’t that big, and Liam’s on the small side for a Shetland, so I had no idea he’d throw such big babies.

  1. With a mild sense of disloyalty to my own Fenn, I have to admit that Mira may possibly tie for the title of cutest sheep ever 🙂

    • If I’m right and she didn’t get pregnant the first time she was bred, she’s only a day or two overdue. The day I *thought* she was due was going on three weeks ago.
      Probably not twins; Soays don’t usually twin on the first lambing. Probably just one very big lamb like Bran.

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