Mira’s growing quickly, but she just can’t seem to catch up to the other lambs. I would say that she’ll at least be bigger than Nova’s baby (which still hasn’t come!), but given that Nova is Princess’s daughter and bred to the same ram, odds are she’ll have a big monster lamb like Bran.


“Can we play something not-fighting?”

The Soay lambs like to play jumping and running games, and Bran just really isn’t built for that sort of thing. He likes to play head-butting games, but the Soays (especially Mira) really can’t compete with him in a straight fight. Which is probably why he likes it.


“I love you, Auntie Duchess!”

Duchess is once again the lambs’ favorite Auntie. She likes playing with the lambs, and will indulge Bran’s desire to butt heads for ages before losing her patience with him. Sometimes though, she just wants to take a break.


“Can’t a girl chew her cud in peace?”

“Noooo! Play! Play!”

Will (technically surnamed Scarlet, but so far more often called Wee Willie Winkie) hero-worships Bran, much like Neo did/does Nova. He follows him around everywhere and imitates everything he does. He even tries to play head-butting with Bran, although he does an awful lot of posturing with very little actual butting.


“Come on, Will! We’re going to go on an adventure!”

“Yay! What are we going to do?”


“OK, here’s the plan… *whisperwhisperwhisper*”

I love the white stripes on the backs of Will’s ears. He’s such a cute little lambie. A true son of Lady, though; he’s already gotten himself hopelessly snarled in the electric netting, which is still turned off due to dead battery. I need to get that thing charged so I can turn the fence back on.

Mira’s games are harder to photograph, as they mostly consist of running everywhere at top speed while bucking and jumping. I still can’t figure out how to set my camera so it doesn’t blur all the running shots. The default “action shot” setting just makes it worse.


“Boing, boing, boing to Auntie Duchess!”


“Then runrunrun as fast as I can back to Mama!”

After about five or six laps, she decided to lure the boys into playing with her.


“Come on, let’s run!”

The boys tried to play chase with her, but poor Bran looks like a rhino lumbering after speedy little Mira. I’m not sure Wee Willie quite understood what was going on, and just sort of trailed after Bran.


“Slow down! Huff, huff, huff! Why can’t we just bonk heads?”

Poor Bran. Maybe Nova’s baby will be like him and want to play fight all the time. My revised due date for Nova is sometime next week, so hopefully it won’t be too much longer. Lambs are adorable, but it’s stressful waiting for them to be born. I’m ready to be done with lambing for the year.


5 thoughts on “Playtime

  1. Such adorable babies!! I wonder if Bran feels left out or if he just enjoys the company of the others even though they are smaller. Love the little nubs on the tips of his horns!!

    • I think he feels left out when Mira and Will start bouncing around, but he and Will are pretty inseparable, so it’s not like he’s lonely.I’m not sure why his horns have those blunt tips, unless it’s because they started growing before he was born.

  2. See if your camera has a Shutter Priority mode – most likely designated by an S on a dial or something. Play around with the speeds and see if that helps. Faster is better able to capture motion, but cuts down on the light it will let in so a cloudy day or evening time, you’ll have to go slower. Set the S and the camera will (try to) match the proper light setting. Also, change your ISO to something bigger – see if it will go to 800 or higher. Too high will give you graininess, but better than blur…

    • I tried the S setting, but like you said it cut down the light so much the pictures turned out basically black. Maybe now that we’re getting some sun it might be bright enough to compensate.

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