Spring at Last!

I’ve come to the conclusion that forum discussions about bottle lambs are a lot like the infamous mommy blogs. Loud, contradictory, yet vehemently insistent advice about every problem that could possibly arise.

“This is the ONLY WAY to do the thing!”

“NO! NEVER do the thing that way, you will KILL the lamb!”

“I’ve been raising lambs for YEARS! I KNOW how to do the thing!”

“Well you’re WRONG!”

So when Mira started scouring and running a fever, I elected not to consult Dr Google, and instead took her to the vet. Apparently one should always consult the vet, except when you should never consult the vet. Anyway. The vet gave Mira a shot of antibiotics and a fever reducer, and said her digestive system was irritated (no duh!), but that it wasn’t coccidiosis or anything too serious. She recommended adding a bit of yogurt and Gatorade into each bottle, which Mira approves of. She also recommended starting Mira’s vaccines as soon as she gets better, which I predict she will not approve of.

She seems to be feeling better today, although she’s still scouring quite a bit. She ran around outside with the other sheep for a while this morning, which is a good sign. There was lots of running and jumping today; everyone is wildly excited about the warmer weather.

Duchess has always loved playing with lambs; I’m glad she gets to play with her own a little bit, even if neither of them know it. I think she still makes Mira a little nervous, but she’s getting a lot more confident.

I hate that I had that water spot on my camera lens; I don’t know where that came from. I also don’t know why YouTube has to reduce the quality of the videos so much. The original files are perfectly clear, but the uploaded videos are terribly grainy. I’m not sure how to fix that.

It was the first time all the lambs have really been out together, not counting yesterday when Mira was being whiny and clingy because she didn’t feel good. Today she ran and ran until she wore herself out and fell asleep on top of my feet.


“I’m the fastest! Nobody can catch me!”

She comes by her agility naturally. Her mother may act all dignified and demure, but she’s really a bucking bronco disguised as a sheep. Yesterday the vet and her main assistant were laughing and telling the new assistant stories about those crazy Soay sheep that literally jump up and bounce off of the walls to escape, and have to be caught by plucking them from midair.

Bran is still fascinated by the smaller lambs. He wants to play, but he’s so big he makes the other lambs nervous.


“Hey, do you want to play?”

“I can’t, I don’t want to leave my mama yet…”


“Do you want to play?”

“I can’t, I’m taking a nap on top of Mama’s feet.”

Look how much bigger he is than Mira! And he was born the day after she was! Poor Bran. I hope the other lambs agree to play with him eventually. He can’t help it that he’s so huge.


8 thoughts on “Spring at Last!

  1. OK, here’s another unasked for/unwanted comment….Goat milk really helps babies in this situation. Fresh if you can get it. Maisie (Punkin’s Patch) improved with it. Works with Irish Wolfhounds also 🙂
    Bye Bye, I’ll say no more. Glad she is better.

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