Will Scarlet

Lady’s lamb has a name! With his flashy markings and reddish wool, I think he carry off that name. Plus, if he’s anything like his older brother he’s sure to be a ladies man. Or think he is, anyway.

I opened the jug door today to see if he and Lady were ready to come out yet.


“Is it safe out there?”

Lady tried to move over to the main Clubhouse, but the baby boy went the wrong way past the door and got stuck. He’s like his brother in that. Neo used to have the worst time getting stuck behind open doors, it took him forever to figure out how to walk around the end.


“I’m trapped! I can’t get to my mama! It’s terrible!”

“Ugh. Maybe we’re not quite ready for this.”

Lady decided to take her lambie back to the lambing pen for now. Unfortunately all the other sheep were just sure I’d been feeding Lady better hay than what they were getting, and they’d moved right in at the first opportunity.


“Where’s all these people come from??”

Eventually Bran and Will ran into each other, tried to switch mothers, and ended up being chased by two Very Upset ewes who didn’t approve of such shenanigans. On a related note, Will is now an official member of the Knocked Down By Princess Club.



I see the makings of a team of troublemakers in those two. Why did I decide to name them after outlaws of all things?

No sign of a lamb yet from Nova. She looks pregnant, but not several-days-overdue pregnant. I’m starting to wonder if she didn’t settle on that first breeding and I just didn’t see when she was bred again? On the other hand, she is a first-timer and Duchess never showed any sign of being pregnant at all… these sheep just love to play mind games with me.

Mira’s feeling a bit under the weather today, I’m not sure why. I think she has an upset tummy. Hopefully she’ll shake it off and be back to her usual bouncy self soon.


4 thoughts on “Will Scarlet

  1. haha and now you have another ‘outlaw’.
    Mira sick……..argh These little girls will be the ‘death’ of us, I mean it is our ‘job’ to worry…….

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