Play Date

My left boot leaks. I discovered this when I stepped into the ankle-deep flood water in the ram pen. I don’t complain about rain, and I’m certainly not complaining about melted snow runoff, but I think I’m entitled to resent a leaky rubber boot.

Everyone’s mostly staying inside today because of the rain, but Mira and I spent a good long time outside yesterday so she could be around the other sheep and I could spy on admire the new lamb.


“Hi! I’m Mira! I like you, you’re almost as small as me! Wanna play?”


“Hey! Why are you just laying there? Let’s play!”


“Don’t you wake my baby!”

“OK, OK, sheesh. Grumpy old BigSheep.”

Mira and Bran have both independently decreed the new baby to be boring, because all he does is sleep. They don’t remember that they spent their first 24 hours doing much the same thing. Mira actually slept all the time for at least three days after she was born.

The first time I took Mira outside Princess knocked her down several times, which both terrified her and taught her how to head butt. Once she got over her fright, Mira was thrilled with this new idea and she’s been trying the technique out on everyone she sees ever since. Thank you, Princess.

Thanks to the scariness of her previous visit, all Mira really wanted to do at first yesterday was sit up in my lap where she’d be safe.


“Pick me up, Mama!”

Barring that, the next best thing was to eat the chair. I have no idea why the sheep love chewing on my camp chairs. Princess ripped the cupholder off of a camp chair when she was a lamb, and made a beeline for the cupholder on this one yesterday the minute she saw it. I thought it was just her, but Mira seems to be a chewer as well.



Eventually she either got brave enough or bored enough to go exploring a bit. Going into the Clubhouse was an especially exciting adventure, because at any moment Princess might notice her and chase her out.


“Look how brave I am, Mama! I’m all the way over here by the door! It’s super dangerous, only us brave explorers would come over here!”

Duchess noticed Mira running around outside and left the hay feeder to come examine her more closely.


“You look familiar, but I just can’t place you…”

“You’re not going to be mean and knock me down like those other ScaryBigSheep, are you?”

Last time she didn’t even acknowledge Duchess, she just pressed against my leg and wanted to be picked up. This time she actually sniffed Duchess back, once she decided Duchess wasn’t going to attack her.


“You’re a NiceBigSheep! I like you.”

Once Duchess went back inside, Mira puttered around a bit, then spent a good five minutes seeing how fast she could sprint in and out of the clubhouse without provoking Princess.

Fortunately for her, there wasn’t much danger of Princess noticing her.


“Yummy hay, how could I ever have thought you were yucky?”

I’m still not sure how she can breathe like that.

I remembered my video camera in time to catch the last few minutes of Mira running, when Princess was starting to get a bit annoyed by all the ruckus and Mira had almost convinced Bran to join in her game. I still haven’t gotten a picture of the two together, but you can see in the video how large the size difference is.

8 thoughts on “Play Date

  1. Is this, my mother ‘liked him better than me’ and he got all the food?? quite a difference. Love that she is getting to be adventurous and Duchess, the ‘Auntie’ is so nice to her. Great shots.
    Shoe goo for the boot!!!

    • I think it’s more that Mira is smaller than average because she was a twin and premature, and Bran is big because he’s a single and a crossbred, so he has hybrid vigor working for him.
      Princess is also a lot bigger than Duchess, so she had a lot more room inside to grow a big lamb.

  2. Mira-rocket’s inner conversation: “Here I am…nope, have to go now. Nuts, no one followed me. Let’s try again: here I go! Mmmf, *have* to scratch my leg right now. Wait, what’s that sme…hey, I forgot to go in! Off I go. Hey, you big boy! Look at me and come play! Come onnn!”

    So, has she been imitating Watcher? She rather has his sense of play. Hmmm. If *he* starts to hop you’ll know there’s been a bit of technology transfer :}

    Thanks so much for the video. A relaxed and happy treat for all.

    Very best,


    • The problem with both Mira and Watcher is that they’re young and have to spend too much time in the house. They need to go outside more and run off some of that youthful energy!

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