It’s A(nother) Boy!

Well, a lot of yesterday’s insanity was explained by the appearance of a ram lamb at Lady’s side early this morning.


“What?! Another one?!?!”

I think Duke is becoming a bit overwhelmed by the number of other guys running around the place. I’m getting a bit overwhelmed by them, myself. I was hoping Lady would have a ewe lamb this time, but at this point I’m not complaining about anything that’s healthy, which this little guy seems to be.


Most of my pictures look like this, because this is all he was really interested in doing. I only got one clear shot of his face, during a brief moment when he came up for air.


“Hello, world!”

I love the arrowhead marking on his face. He also has symmetrical white bands around the base of both ears, a large spot on the back of his head, and a tiny wisp of white on his right hip. He doesn’t have a name yet, so far he’s just “new guy”.


“What’re you doing in there? Come out and play with me!”

Prince Bran was fascinated by the new lamb. He says Robin Hood needs some merry men to play with.

Duchess is sad that the new lamb is a ram. She and Nova were great friends when Nova was little, but all the ram lambs keep falling in love with her and it’s so annoying. Neo pestered her all last summer, and Prince is already enamoured with her, so she really doesn’t want or need any more fanboys. She only likes Duke. All the other guys are much too young for her.

Neo didn’t seem too bothered when I told him he had a little brother.


“I may not be the youngest anymore, but I’m still the cutest!”

Hmm… I can’t decide; I think all of them are the cutest.


6 thoughts on “It’s A(nother) Boy!

  1. Oh I don’t know………..I think the new guy is the Cutest…but don’t tell the others i said so 🙂
    Healthy…..just the best news!!

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