Everyone Is Insane.

Everyone on the place has been acting so completely out of character today that I had to check the calendar several times to make sure it wasn’t April Fool’s Day.

First off, Lady decided to adopt Princess’s up-to-the-eyeballs eating style, which she’s never done before.


“Princess is right, it does taste better!”

Also, she’s eating the hay off the ground, not out of the feeder. Usually only the Shetlands do that.

Then, Nova and Watcher started kissing through the fence. You can’t see Watcher really, but he was licking her nose through the wire.


“Wherefore art thou Collie-o?”

Then Watcher went bonkers and started ripping the tarps off the Clubhouse walls.


“Let more light through yonder window shine!”

And then Duchess, my sweet gentle Duchess, lost her mind and started attacking everyone. Even Princess! I had to lock poor Lady in the lambing pen to stop Duchess from slamming into her over and over.


“See how they like being butted all the time! I’m tired of being bottom sheep in the pecking order!”

And just to round out a full day, when I went to put the boys up Liam was attacking Duke and chasing him all around the field.


“This is wrong, this is all wrong! This is not how it’s supposed to work!”

I never did get the boys put up, they were so busy running around like idiots jumping in the air and fighting each other. I tried to get a video, but every time I started recording they would all freeze and just stare at me.

I have no idea what was going on today. Spring fever? Alien transmissions? Loco weed in the hay? A giant prank? Whatever it was, hopefully they’ve all worked the crazy out of their systems and will be back to normal tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Everyone Is Insane.

  1. They all put their names in a hat. Each drew out a name. According to the game they were playing, each had to act like the sheep whose name (s)he drew. Unfortunately, you weren’t warned beforehand.

    • Cabin fever was one of my theories as well, since it was the first day they’d been able to run around after being trapped for ages by the snow.

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