The Littlest Dinner Guest

I kept telling Prince he was too young for crunchies, so he took matters into his own hooves. When I gave the girls their bedtime corn last night, he executed a flying leap right up on top of the tray and started helping himself.




“I told you I was big enough!”

Up there eating with everyone else at the ripe old age of two weeks. Even considering how well-developed he was at birth, that seems early to me. It took Neo weeks of scrambling and scrabbling before he managed to haul himself onto that tray, and it was months before either of last year’s lambs was interested in corn or crunchies. Shetlands mature faster than Soays, so I’m chalking that up to Liam’s influence.


“Move it, Auntie Lady! I was eating that!”

Aaand there’s Princess’s influence right there. And here I thought he’d be more laid back than Nova. Oh boy. I sense much excitement in my future with this guy.


6 thoughts on “The Littlest Dinner Guest

    • Well, the attitude comes 100% from his mom. I think his older half-sister was around two weeks old the first time I saw her successfully bossing her aunties around… it’ll be interesting to see how that personality type plays out in a male.

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