More Introductions

One to three inches of snow expected today. That’s what my weather app says. One to three inches. This isn’t any three inches, it’s more like twenty-three inches. The snow is over the tops of my rubber boots. The snow is over the sheep’s heads. The snow is over Watcher’s head. There is nothing but snow. The snow– you know what? I refuse to acknowledge the weather today. Nope. I’m so tired of winter weather I’m even tired of complaining about winter weather.

So instead, I’m going to hold on to that brief 24 hours in which we were flooded and muddy instead of buried and frozen.

Tuesday afternoon, when most of the snow was melted but the rain hadn’t started yet, I took Mira out to meet the other sheep. I want them to be used to each other by the time she moves out there, and I wanted a picture of her with Prince Bran.

The introduction was peaceful enough, but the picture didn’t work out. Mira wouldn’t go far enough away from me to get her in the same shot with Prince, and Prince wasn’t moving away from Princess.

I scooped Prince up with one arm the way I do Mira, thinking I would take a selfie while holding Prince, with Mira standing next to me. What actually happened was a) I pulled a muscle in my bicep lifting Bran the Brawny, b) Princess panicked, which made everyone else panic, and c) I had to scoop Mira up with the other arm to keep her from being trampled by panicking adults.

With a lamb in each arm I didn’t have a spare arm to take the picture, so I just gave up and put Prince back down. Princess instantly shuffled him off into the corner and glared at me for trying to snatch her baby.


“Don’t you try and snatch my baby again, you baby-snatcher!”

Princess couldn’t care less about little Mira, after sniffing her briefly to make sure Mira wasn’t hers. Maybe because she’d already met Mira while she was jugged in the basement?

Nova and Lady were more interested, and sniffed her thoroughly before moving back and staring at her to see if she’d do anything interesting. She didn’t. She was pretty much glued to my leg, wanting to be picked up and carried back to the house where she belongs. Poor little Miracle’s in for a shock one of these days.

Duchess was very odd. I think she remembered Mira, at least a little. She didn’t call to her or try to take her away from me, but she sniffed at her constantly, and stayed much closer to me than she usually gets in order to examine Mira more closely. Mira didn’t respond at all, she just wanted to Go Back Home.


“Do I know you, little one?”


“You seem familiar, somehow.”

The touching reunion was interrupted by Watcher, who had been throwing a fit outside the fence about being left out. He finally got so agitated he seized a piece of corrugated roofing I’d propped against the bottom of the Clubhouse to block snowdrifts and took off with it.


“You can’t catch meee!”

He thought he was being really subtle, luring me back to the house with that thing.


“Come on, Mommy, chase the new toy! Follow me this way, silly human, away from the nasty sheepies!”

I finally got the roofing away from him, even with one arm full of wiggly lamb, and that was the inglorious end of Mira’s First Trip Outside. Oh well. At least it’s a start.

Wednesday morning was too rainy and floody for either sheep-visiting or puppy-playing. The whole bottom section of the ram pen was completely flooded.

From yesterday evening to the present, everybody is staying inside as much as possible, and everybody except Mira is rather grumpy about it. Mira belongs in the house, why would she be grumpy?

Watcher was so depressed he wanted to start binge eating. At least, that was his excuse. I think he always wants to eat more.


“I’m so depressed and sad, can’t I have some extra food?”

He also decided we love Sandy more than him, and tried to move into Sandy’s crate.


” Sandy’s crate is better! Everything Sandy gets is always better! It’s not fair!”

Note that Sandy’s crate is too short for Watcher to actually stand upright in. If this winter doesn’t let up soon, we’re all going to go even more insane.


12 thoughts on “More Introductions

  1. 23″ – Uff da! Hang in there. Is Mira going to think she is a dog after all this? Sweet that Duchess seem interested in her.

    • I don’t know if she thinks she’s a dog, but she definitely thinks she belongs in the house.
      Hopefully if she and Duchess can bond at all it will ease the transition when she moves outside.

  2. I’d sure encourage the Duchess interest! She’s going to need a protector out there and I’m sure Duchess would like to have her own little girl. She obviously has some recollection. Poor momma :-(.

    • I was very happy that Duchess was so interested! She would have been a good mama if she’d had milk, I’m sure. She was very upset about losing her lambs, that’s why I wanted Mira out there as much as possible as young as possible, so they could hopefully maintain some level of bond.

  3. I’m sure you all must be going crazy with all the snow and that includes the animals. Maybe you can train the sheep to pull a sled!!.
    Is Duchess Mira’s mother? I remember reading that Mira’s brother did not survive.

    • Yes, Duchess is Mira’s mother. She wanted her lambs, but she didn’t have any milk and became aggressive when Mira tried to nurse. Hopefully they can still be friends, even if I’m the one feeding Mira.
      Mira’s little brother was only about 2/3 her size and extremely weak. I did everything I could think to do, but he was just too underdeveloped to pull through.

  4. The best laid plans of mice and men………NO pictures 🙂 That would be lovely if Duchess can be an auntie!! Dogs, they want ALL the attention…me/me/me/me/me 🙂 Gotta love them all.

    • Well, I did get an extremely blurry shot of Mira’s tail and Prince’s nose, but it wasn’t clear enough to see who was in the picture, let alone show the difference in size. 🙂
      Watcher does want ALL the attention, plus he’s a bit stir crazy from being stuck in the house. Poor puppy has a rough life, he thinks.

  5. I see major stress between the lines of your blog. Heck, I see major stress all over your blog! Our overnight low tomorrow is predicted at 27F, with rain tomorrow. I hate to think what you all will be suffering.

    • Unending snow and never getting more than 2 or 3 hours of sleep at a time tends to produce stress! It should get better soon though, Mira’s sleeping better and it’s supposed to warm up soon.
      I’m jealous of your 27F low. I think our low for the night is -3F or something equally ghastly.

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