Freedom! Or Maybe Not.

First off, I must correct a most grievous error. It was brought to my attention that I failed to make a birthday post for Sandy, who turned 16 last Friday. Happy Belated Birthday, Sandy!


It’s hard to get a picture of Sandy doing anything but sleeping, since he rarely does anything but sleep anymore. I went ahead and took the sleeping-Sandy picture this morning though, because he elected to sleep right in front of the refrigerator and I couldn’t get the milk out for my cereal.

I opened the door as far as I could, (about six inches) hoping he’d jump up when the door bumped into him, but he just gave me a dirty look and went back to sleep. In Sandy’s case, it’s less “let sleeping dogs lie”, and more “sleeping dogs refuse to move.” It was only after I caused a small avalanche and knocked a bunch of stuff off of the door shelves trying to squeeze the soy milk carton out through the six-inch gap that I realized I could move Sandy out of the way by dragging his towel to the side with him still on it. I think the lamb-raising sleep deprivation is getting to me.

In outdoor news, the snow has melted down enough that I thought the girls would be able to walk in it, so I opened the gate when I fed them breakfast. The expedition didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. The ice/snow wasn’t deep enough or frozen enough to give me trouble anymore, but the girls only weigh about half what I do. They were light enough to walk mostly on top of the crust, but their hooves would punch through on every other step or so and make them stumble. They didn’t like that and came back in pretty quickly. I may try again this afternoon, since it’s supposed to be very warm today. Maybe the rest of the snow will melt before we get another boatload dumped on us tomorrow night.

Duchess noticed the open gate first, then Lady had to come see what Duchess was looking at. Princess & Co. were too busy at the hay feeder to worry about open gates.


“Lady, look! The gate is open! ShepherdPerson’s standing in the way, though. Do we dare go past her?

“I will if you will… you go first.”

“Why do I have to go first? You go first!”


“Oh no! Princess is coming! We’d better hurry or she’ll be out first!”

“Maybe if we run really fast and jump in the air as we go by ShepherdPerson won’t be able to catch us!”


“We made it! We’re free! …Now what?”

“I don’t know, there doesn’t seem to be any grass, and this snow is crunchy and hard to walk on.”

“Hey, where’d Princess go?”


“Oh, you girls go on ahead, we’ll be along after we finish inspecting this hay bag.”

Princess has apparently gained enough experience of snow that she didn’t bother to go out.

Nova started to follow her aunties, but changed her mind and stayed with Princess.

Prince woke up from his nap in the Clubhouse to find half the flock gone, and kept running back and forth from the Clubhouse to the lambing pen wondering where everybody went.

The boys aren’t having any trouble with the remaining snow. For some reason there isn’t as much left in the ram pen.



Usually the Shetlands make a beeline for the outside feeder while the Soays work on the inside feeder, but Liam had the outside feeder to himself this morning.


“Can’t… quite… reach!”

Barney has apparently been listening to Neo’s stories about how hay tastes better when you eat it in the most complicated way possible. I guess Barney didn’t realize Neo only pulls stunts like that because he is crazy has a tiny head. Neo’s come close to getting himself stuck a time or two lately though, so I think his head and horns may be getting too big for his old tricks.

Neo ought to have a little brother or sister sometime this weekend or early next week! Lady and Nova are due Saturday and Sunday, respectively. I’m convinced the snowstorm we’re supposed to get Wednesday night is coming just for the occasion.


4 thoughts on “Freedom! Or Maybe Not.

  1. In my house, it is the cats blocking the refrigerator/pantry door. The dog insists on being held constantly.

    Here’s hoping Lady and Nova either give birth in the few warm days or after the next polar vortex is long past.

    • Well, in our house the dog sleeps by the fridge and the lamb insists on being held constantly. 🙂

      I can’t imagine either the weather or the sheep being cooperative enough for the lambs to be born on a warm day…

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