Happy Birthday to Ewe!

Princess is two years old today! If she looked anything like Mira as a new lamb, it’s no wonder she was such a spoiled bottle baby. She was very excited when I told her it was her birthday.


“Mm-hm. Birthday. Yes. Exciting. Can’t talk now, too busy with breakfast.”

Nova has developed a habit of casually inserting herself between Princess and Bran whenever Princess is distracted.


“Will you tell her to stop pushing me away from my mama?”

“She’s MY mama! Tell him to stop hogging MY mama’s attention!”

“Ugh, Lambs. Can’t they see I’m in the middle of BREAKFAST!?”

Princess actually still dotes on both of her babies, though she declined to let Nova start nursing again. They’re a very close-knit little family, even if big sister isn’t too crazy about little brother yet. There are advantages to having a dominant big sister, though. If When Bran gets separated from Princess in a rush of hungry, pushy sheep, he latches on to Nova’s heels and follows her until she inevitably works her way back to Princess’s side. He’s discovered that following Nova is the fastest way to find his mama again, given that he’s still too short to see over the other sheep.

I did manage to distract Princess from the hay by casually asking if she’d like some birthday crunchies. She said yes please, she would so very much like some, thank you very much. Or something to that effect.


“Crunchies?! GIMME!!”

And then we had to make it a full-fledged birthday party to stop Nova and Lady from giving me such sad, neglected faces.


“Can’t I have just a few crunchies? My birthday’s not for ever so long…”

“I don’t even HAVE a birthday! How is that fair?”

Everybody got plenty of crunchies, except little Prince. He’s not old enough for crunchies yet, but he was very curious about what all the big  sheep were fighting over.


“Anything that exciting seems like something I ought to know about!”

It’s raining today, hopefully it’ll wash enough of the ice-that-once-was-snow away for the girls to go out again. They need to get some exercise, and being cooped up in the catch pen this long is starting to give them cabin fever.

Mira is still doing well. She’s gained a pound since she was born. I (that is, we) attended a wool workshop this weekend at Equinox Farm. I learned a lot while I was there, but when I got home I realized I had maybe half a dozen pictures of actual wool, and the rest were pictures of Mira puttering around exploring the wool house. Her two favorite parts of the workshop were a purple bucket full of beet pulp…


“I think I’m just going to ‘borrow’ this…”

…and a space heater that made the coziest napping place ever.


“Aaah, it’s so warm!


“We have got to get one of these at home, Mommy!”

Even though Mira has a much less forceful personality than Princess (so far, at least), I think raising Mira is helping me understand some of Princess’s eccentricities better, since they’re both bottle babies. Maybe two years from now I’ll be taking pictures of a grownup Mira with a lamb or two of her own.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Ewe!

  1. So you have posted all of those photos of Princess, and Nova, and Bran, and Lady. And you know that I am only going to comment on the ones of the newest little ruler of a part of KY.

    I agree with Mira. You should buy her a portable space heater.

    Mira grown-up is going to make Princess look meek and mild-mannered by comparison. Too bad Duchess didn’t take a shine to her daughter; it would help her in the future pecking order.

    • Oh good heavens, I don’t know what I’ll do if she’s worse than Princess! 😮
      Duchess wanted Mira, she just didn’t have any milk and became aggressive every time Mira tried to nurse. Eventually Mira stopped trying and would just run away and cry when I tried to put her with Duchess.

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