Mira the Explorer and Bran the Brawny

Mira has gotten pretty confident on her hooves. She’s discovered she likes running and hopping and crawling into every dark, narrow opening she can find. She’s decided she wants to be an Adventurer.

I set her down to let her play on the floor, and after trying to crawl under the ottoman and suckling experimentally on my spinning wheel (she was disappointed to discover it doesn’t produce milk) she decided to go introduce herself to Watcher.

Watcher and Mira aren’t allowed to play together, as Watcher would probably squash her with one big paw without meaning to. They sniffed at each other through the crate wall, though.


“Hi, I’m Mira! I’m on an adventure!”
“You’re the one who invaded my house?”
“Your house? It’s my house! I’ve always lived here my whole life!”


“I guess we can share… here, this is the latch! Push this open and we can adventure together!”
“I don’t think I can lift it, I think I’m too little.”

Probably a good thing, baby girl. To think I spent all that time worrying about her not being active enough. Now I miss when all she did was sleep.

I took her with me to the basement when I checked on Princess, to let her explore down there a bit and see the other sheep. Prince was very curious about her and I think he would have liked to play, but Princess went crazy stomping her hooves and butting the side of the jug every time Mira came near, so I didn’t let them in together.

I think Big Bran is starting to get a bit stir crazy. That little jug’s cramping his style. Last time I checked on them he was playing king of the hill on Princess’s hay bag.


“Whee! I’m climbing this mountain, Mama!”

I would have gotten a good picture of him standing on top of it but as I pressed the shutter button Princess stuck her head in the way and knocked the poor guy off. Food is serious business, not something to be played on.


“Mama never lets me have any fun!”


“What did you say young man?”
“Sigh. Nothing, Mama.”


“That’s right. Now you get back here before she carries you off and sticks a stupid sweater on you like she did that other lamb.”

I’d like to wait until it’s warmer before moving them back out to the Clubhouse, but I’m not seeing anything I would call warm on the forecast and it’s past time for them to be out of the jug, so I think they’ll just have to tough out the cold. He’s pretty fluffy for a newborn, and he’s drinking plenty of warm milk, so he should be ok. I might give them another night inside, or I might move them this afternoon depending on what the weather does and what the newest Royal Woolly does.

6 thoughts on “Mira the Explorer and Bran the Brawny

  1. Glad all is going well. Will keep good and growing thoughts going your way :-). Along with any sunshine I can find (which isn’t much)

  2. Dear Sarah,
    Okay, Lady Mira is also an explorer. Any lamb who’ll walk right up to a dog as big as Watcher! Neat how he rather took to her.

    Prince Adorable looks like he is going to fun :}

    Thank you so for sharing so much of their early lives. Smiling broadly!

    Now back to warping the loom,


  3. Keep those wonderful photos coming! Mira is sooooo adorable! So is little Bran, but don’t tell Princess; her head is swelled enough.

    • Mira is a cute little thing. Very photogenic.
      I don’t think it would be possible for Princess to be any more proud of her baby, no matter how many compliments he gets. 🙂

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