King Raven

Princess’s lamb has a name! I’m going to name him Prince Bran, after the main character from Steven Lawhead’s King Raven Trilogy, my favorite version of the Robin Hood legend. The books have many scenes of Rhi Bran y Hud (Robin Hood) and his band trying to get by in the forest during winters filled with snow, which reminds me of the recent local weather. Also, I was watching an old Robin Hood TV show when he was born.

My knowledge of Welsh is pretty slim and entirely gained from novels, but according to Lawhead (and a quick google search) the name Bran means Raven in Welsh. Raven makes a good name for a dark colored winter lamb, and a prince seems like a good person to name the son of Princess after.


“Of course my little boy is a prince! He’s mine, isn’t he? Don’t touch him! I’m keeping my eye on you, you baby snatcher!”

She met little Mira today. I think it confirmed her suspicions that I am not to be trusted around lambs. I was hoping to get a picture of the two lambs together for size comparison, but Princess wouldn’t let us get close enough to hold Mira next to Prince, and I didn’t want to put Mira on the ground in case Princess took exception to the strange lamb.


“What is that? It’s a lamb! What are you doing with that lamb? Is it mine? It’s not mine, take it away.”

She was initially very concerned about Mira’s bleating, but after she sniffed at her a bit and realized it wasn’t her lamb she lost interest and went back to trying to hide Prince from us. I think it’s kind of a lost cause, trying to hide a lamb that big.

The name Little John was a tempting second choice for such a big lamb, but that character is mostly just called Iwan in this version of the legend and Prince Bran seemed to fit the royal son much better. I might consider the name for Nova’s baby if her lamb is a similarly huge ram, but based on Nova’s size and the fact she’s lambing as a yearling it doesn’t seem likely. Plus, Iwan just isn’t a very attractive name, even if the character is cool.


“I’m a prince? What’s a prince? Never mind, I’m going to go drink more milk now.”

He isn’t staying awake long enough yet to see much of his personality, except that he seems to have Princess’s appetite. (Maybe I should have named him Tuck?) It’s normal for lambs that young to sleep a lot; I don’t think anything’s wrong with him. He seems vigorous enough when he is awake, especially since he had the energy to run away from his loudly protesting mama at the ripe old age of less than an hour. Hmm… I guess I can seeΒ some similarities to Princess Trouble.

There ought to be enough names from King Raven for Nova’s and Lady’s lambs as well. Duchess’s lambs won’t fit with the naming theme, but given the circumstances I think it’s a reasonable exception.


“I’m always the exception!”

I suppose she could have been Lady Merian, but I like Mira better. A name with “Lady” in the title would be better suited to Lady’s lamb, I think.

9 thoughts on “King Raven

  1. Came to your blog from The Crazy Sheeplady — really enjoying reading. Hope the weather warms up for both of us soon (I’m in SE Minnesota)

  2. Mira is truly the princess; the others don’t know it. (I womder what is Welsh for Princess?)

    Anyway, listen to the beautiful Welsh lullaby “Suo Gan” on YouTube.

  3. Dear Sarah,
    Prince Bran is enormous and his eyes are telling us knows that perfectly well.

    How about Lady Mira as befits the daughter of a duchess? She is every inch the elegant Soay lady, at least to my novice eyes.

    Prince Bran has such fluffy fur — I mean wool — and that little tuft of a chest mane, that he does look Shetlandish to me. I wonder if he’ll have a Shetland personality, a little more laid back, less wild-sheep-of-the-rocks?

    Very best,


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