Still Snowed In

We got another 3-5″ of snow last night. I can’t even muster the energy to get properly upset about it. At this point, what difference does another few inches actually make?

Watcher was initially thrilled by the snow, then it got really deep and he didn’t like it anymore, then he escorted me out to the sheep and back a couple times and got used to it. Now he thinks it’s fun again, as long as he can come in at regular intervals to defrost his toes.


“Come on, Mom! Hurry up and feed these stupid sheep so we can get out of the stupid snow which I definitely don’t like anymore.”

Watcher takes escort duty very seriously. He must always run ahead of me so I don’t get lost or bushwhacked or something. Even in terrible, cold snow.


“What do you mean, terrible cold snow? I love snow! Snow is awesome! Let’s play!”

On the way back he changed his mind about not liking the snow. It was too cold to really play with him, but he enjoyed running in big, manic circles around me as I walked back to the house. Return escort is a bit less formal, but he still makes sure to usher me right up to the basement door. And through it, if he can manage to worm his way in. He knows the basement is where I keep all those yummy fleeces that I won’t let him eat.


“Fine, keep your old fleeces! I’m going to eat all the snow instead!”

I’d worry about him getting brain freeze, but I think he’s missing one of the base requirements for brain freeze…


“What? Mommy!! I do so have a brain! I’m smart!”

I’m just teasing, you’re a very smart puppy. Even if you do look silly with your snowy face and your tongue sticking out. If only you could use your powers for good instead of evil.

On the sheep front, the complete absence of any other food whatsoever has vastly increased the girls’ enthusiasm for hay.


“I keep telling you guys, if your eyeballs are showing you’re not doing it right!”

Everything else may be closed due to the weather, but the Build-A-Lamb workshop is still open for business! No lambs yet, but today is Princess’s due date, so I’m a bit nervous about her. Her belly “dropped” yesterday, which means the lamb is starting to move into birthing position. Which means it is probably going to come before the snow goes.

Why did she have to settle two or three weeks before anyone else? I told Princess this determination to always be first was going to get her into trouble, but she didn’t listen to me. She just had to be due in the middle of the worst weather we’ve had all winter.

Now I keep reminding her how Nova was born several days past her due date on a nice warm day, and she grew into a very fine minion lieutenant protegé. She should try to replicate the circumstances of Nova’s birth as exactly as possible with her new lamb(s). I think she sees my point and agrees with me. Right, Princess?


“Nova, did you hear someone talking? I wasn’t listening. I was eating breakfast.”

“Don’t worry about it, Mama. It’s just ShepherdPerson nattering on again about how awesome I am…”

Sigh. I guess the lambs will come when they come, whatever I may think about it.


7 thoughts on “Still Snowed In

  1. Don’t tell Princess, but she looks like a balloon with horns and fleece. Good luck to you, ShepherdPerson! I’ll pray for warmer weather for you, with NO precipitation!

  2. Watcher is just too cute 🙂
    As for the round ones with horns… ? If HRH has her lamb in the snow, just think of the names… snowflake, storm, drift, chiller, Chinook (the name of our snow eating winds out west), glitter (like if the sun ever comes out)… Hope everything goes okay! Stay warm!

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