Snowmageddon Part II

It’s been snowing all day. I’ve been going out every hour or so, and every trip my earlier footprints have been completely erased. The girls have spent all day in the lambing pen because everyone (except Princess) is still deeply suspicious of the scary tarps I put up earlier on the main Clubhouse. Thus they’ve spent all day covered in snow. They’re locked in with the scary tarps for the night, so hopefully by tomorrow they’ll be used to them.


“The best thing to do when confronted with something scary is hide behind Princess. Nothing can get past Princess!”

Princess feels the best way to keep your face warm is to keep it buried in the hay up to the eyeballs. She didn’t carry on about having her lambs today, so I suppose she knew it would be a bad day for it.

By 5 o’clock (the trip I finally remembered to take my camera) the snow had long since gotten so deep that the boys couldn’t walk through it. Even I, at my (relatively) towering height of 5’6″, was having trouble walking, especially since it’s impossible to break a trail through snow that keeps blowing over to fill your footprints almost immediately.

The boys complained loudly about having to move around in a series of hops everywhere they went. I asked them why they were bothering to go anywhere since there’s no food anywhere except their Clubhouse, but they just looked at me blankly. I guess they hadn’t thought of that. The Shetlands looked like legless cotton balls in the snow. Poor Barney looked especially funny with his long coat bouncing and flopping around as he jumped.


“Oof! Oof! Oof! This hopping is hard work!”


“Haha, I’m taller than you, Barney!”

“You’re not fooling anyone, squirt. There’s a big hump in the ground right there.”

“Noo, I’m really this tall!”

“Are not!”


“I wish I could find a high spot to stand on. It’s no fun being short.”

“In this weather, it’s not much fun even if you’re tall.”


“Time to hop to the water tub!”

“But Barney, we’ve been eating snow all day! Why do we need to go to the water tub?”



“Wait for me! My legs are too short!”

“Your legs are buried. Walk in my tracks.”

Liam had a bit more success following in Duke’s tracks, but even long-legged Duke gave up before reaching the water tub.


“Do you see any grass, Duke?”


“Aren’t we going to the water?”


“Why are we out here, anyway?”

“I don’t know.”

“This is depressing.”


Oddly enough the boys didn’t give me any trouble when I put them up tonight.

Even my usually snow-crazed puppy decided this much snow might be too much of a good thing.


“I don’t want to go out there! My nose is cold! My paws are cold! I want to sit on the couch and chew my bone!”

That sounds like a marvelous idea. My nose is cold. My feet are cold. I’m going to spend the rest of the evening sitting on the couch drinking hot tea.


6 thoughts on “Snowmageddon Part II

  1. Dear Sarah and flock,

    Hippity-hop to the water trough, only to find it frozen,
    Back we go, through the snow,
    Until we freeze our toesen.

    Hoofsen would be better, but it doesn’t whyme. Whyme is whine+rhyme :}

    We have have ten inches according to the ruler, or twelve, depending on where the ruler is put. We are considering not shoveling because frankly, there’s no point. No one is going anywhere, except maybe sledding. I don’t suppose Watcher would like sledding? I know what the sheep would answer.

    Stay warm and snug, and if you should make a video of the sheep hopping we would all laugh our heads off, says Christopher (truly though, we do feel sympathy for them, as well as for you, the shepherd person).

    Very best with tropical thoughts,

    Natalie, Noah, Christopher

    • I like that poem!
      Watcher’s toesens were frozens this morning and he’s decided he doesn’t like snow that much after all.
      The button on my camera for video recording is too small to push with gloves on and it was too cold to take them off. Today the boys are staying in the Clubhouse. 🙂

  2. It’s too bad the sheep are not comfortable with the blue tarps. Are they that way with most new things? Thank goodness Princess didn’t give birth yet. I’m sure sorry you’re having such an extreme winter. The sheep do look pretty darn cute hopping around with their legs buried in the snow!
    Sending you “warm” thoughts from Oregon, Lisa

    • Yes, they get very irritated every time I change something in the Clubhouse, but they’ll get used to it in a day or two.
      They do look cute in the snow, but I’m sure they’ll be glad when it melts, whenever that is. We’re supposed to get more tomorrow! D:

  3. I was sitting in the den, wearing my handspun shawl and reading my email. I was warm enough until I read your blog. Brrr! I think I’ll put on my flannel nightgown and burrow under some blankets. I see no “global warming” here. I can’t remember central KY ever looking like your photos. I can’t remember it being so cold (for us, daytime temperatures in the 40s are cold) in Savannah for so long.

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