The Snow Queen

Thanks to Disney’s Frozen, it seems like manufacturers are tripping over themselves trying to cover everything they make in snowflake patterns. I’m getting very tired of snowflake patterns. I even went outside a few minutes ago and found my sheep covered in a snowflake pattern!

Oh wait… those are actual snowflakes… because it’s snowing again… I’m going to cry now.


“This stupid snow is everywhere! BadNastySnow!”

The sheep do not want to build a snowman.

Princess only came out of the Clubhouse long enough to yell at me as I was bringing the water bucket up, but it was long enough to get a light dusting of snowflakes over her wool.


“Why is there more snow? I thought I made it clear I do Not. Like. Snow. This is unacceptable. How am I supposed to lamb in this?”

She’s still insisting she’s going to let it go and lamb any minute, but I’m voting for her not to do so during a blizzard. From the window I can see her heading outside every few minutes, looking at the snow disgustedly, then running back into the Clubhouse. I’m not sure why she thinks the weather is going to change significantly if she checks every five minutes.

This Valentine’s Day love is a closed door, thank you very much. It’s cold enough without letting all the heat out.


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