Hungry, Hungry Sheepies

Hippos might be more alliterative, but I don’t have any hippos, hungry or otherwise. Although Barney and Liam are starting to look hippopotamic with their big fleeces…

This morning Neo followed Barney and Liam when they raced out to eat the waste hay. I guess he wanted to see what they get so excited about every morning.


“Guys, are you sure we’re not supposed to eat the hay in the feeder?”

“Don’t be silly! This hay is much better!”

“Well I’M not eating that!”


“I’m going to go eat some crunchies!”

Neo is a Professional Eater of Surplus Treats, otherwise known as a P.E.S.T. He takes his job very seriously. After all, somebody has to eat all those crunchies!

Lady also likes to make sure I’m not burdened by carrying too many crunchies around. Like mother like son…


“I’m pregnant, I need more crunchies!”

And like mother like daughter…


“Oh, you’re taking pictures? We’ll be sure to keep our backs to you, then.”

Their Royal Woollinesses were avoiding me this morning. I think they were worried I might do something to interfere with their pursuit of happiness breakfast.

And finally… like Duchess like Duchess I suppose…


“I want crunchies, but I’m too shy to come get them. I suppose I’ll just stand here looking beautiful and sad, staring at you sadly while contemplating my sad lack of crunchies…”

Duchess could be the stereotypical, tragically beautiful heroine of a melodramatic historical romance novel.

I’m hoping she has a little ewe lamb to keep her company. Her belly is finally starting to bulge (though not as much as Princess’s!), so I’m 90% sure she’s pregnant this year.

Can’t wait to meet the new lambs! I’m still debating about names with myself, which is really a pointless exercise since I don’t know what number or gender ratio of lambs I’m going to have. Still, it’s a more pleasant way to pass the time than sitting around worrying about everything that could go wrong.


6 thoughts on “Hungry, Hungry Sheepies

  1. Sarah, I absolutely cracked up when I read the term “Their Royal Woollinesses”! I actually laughed out loud, and as my husband was getting ready to leave for work, he asked me what I was reading that was so funny at 6:30 in the morning (he’s not a morning sort of person. . . .) and I simply smiled and said “sheep humor”! To which he halfheartedly replied “Oh, well you can tell me about it tonight. . .” Sigh…… some people…….
    Thanks for the funny post! Lisa in Oregon

    • I love that title too, but I’m afraid I can’t take credit for coming up with it. When I bought Princess the guy who bottle raised her was very adamant that her full name was Her Royal Woolliness Princess Hay Ewe. She may have been a slightly spoiled little girl. 😉
      I call her Princess instead of Hay Ewe since “hey, you!” is a standard greeting for all the animals around here.
      Nova has been so much like her mother since she was born that she inherited the title. Her name is in my records as Her Royal Woolliness Princess Nova.

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