The only good use for days this cold is staying inside and finishing up some works in progress, aka WIPs.

I’ve been trying for weeks months years to talk myself into knitting a sweater. I’ve successfully crocheted a hoodie and an argyle vest and a floor-length hooded cape (not kidding!) so I’m not sure why a knitted sweater should be so intimidating, but I never have been able to produce one.

I finally managed to convince myself about a week ago. I was actually going to knit myself a sweater!

My progress so far:


My astute readers will no doubt notice immediately that this looks rather more like a hat than a sweater. That’s because it isn’t a sweater, it’s a hat. I’m still not sure how that happened, I started browsing for sweater patterns, then somehow something happened and suddenly I’m test knitting a hat pattern to see if it’s “worthy” of the last of my TdF yarn, Duchess’s 2014 fleece.

Oh well. Someday I’ll make that sweater.

I meant to use this morning to finish up my current spinning project, some nice brown Shetland wool. Not Barney’s, just some top that I bought a while back. Probably won’t have time to get to that today though, I’m teaching a class this afternoon that I didn’t know about until yesterday, so that’s thrown a monkey wrench into my planning.

The class project is a seed bead bracelet, but with big beads clustered around it. I don’t often use big beads so I’d never tried that before, but between last night and this morning I managed to come up with an easy-ish design that I think should be close enough.


I’m not sure if that really looks “clustered”, but considering the short notice I don’t think it’s too bad. I started and finished the sample in the same day, that has to be some kind of record.

The girls are almost finished with their own WIPs! The lambing season is due to start in about two weeks and finish up in mid-March. Princess’s udder is already pretty large, and I think I may have seen the start of one on Duchess this morning. It’s kind of hard to tell. With Princess I can just push her tail to the side and check directly but the other girls get nervous if they catch me looking at them intently; I think they’d have heart attacks if I tried to grab their tails.


“Stop messing with my tail and give me food! It’s breakfast time!”

They’re still eating with gusto (even if they still think the hay is yucky), so I guess I’ll just have to assume everything’s going as it should.


5 thoughts on “WIPs

  1. Yeah, I stared at that photo of your grey WIP and wondered *how* it could be a sweater. I’ve been working on a cardigan since mid-December. Deep in the armholes right now, so the WIP is no longer really “portable”, so I started working on the sleeves. I am so old-fashioned that I work from cuff to cap, but I like to do both at the same time, or I end up with one sleeve a bit longer than the other, or the increases/decreases at slightly different rows :/

    Good luck with the 2015 maternity ward.

    • I’ll just have to say it’s a sweater for my head. 🙂 Anything that comes in pairs I always knit two at a time, or they never match. Even if I duplicate the stitches/rows exactly my gauge will change enough to throw the finished size off.

      The maternity ward is getting very hormonal. Hopefully when the lambs come everyone will go back to being (less) crazy…

  2. Good morning! Curious about Duchess’ wool. Am supposing you dyed it. What is it like to work with Soay wool?

    Very best,
    Natalie shivering in our frigid house despite the sunshine

    • The gray wool in the picture isn’t Duchess, it’s just some yarn I had left over from another project. I’m using it to see if I like the hat pattern and to test the yardage. If the pattern turns out well and doesn’t take too much yarn, I’ll make another one out of Duchess’s wool.
      Soay wool is very inconsistent. Duchess’s wool was relatively soft, Lady’s was pretty, but very scratchy, and Princess’s was so coarse I didn’t even bother to spin it. I spin what I can of the girls’ wool because it comes from my own sheep, but if I didn’t own Soay I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to buy their wool. If I buy wool, it’s usually Shetland. I’ve spun several different breeds and I like Shetland best so far.

  3. Dear Sarah,
    Inconsistent wool; makes sense given the breed’s background. It’s no wonder you spin the ewes’ wool as you can — it’s a warm soft-scratchy memory of their personalities and adventures!

    Shetland is my personal favorite too. Love the variety, the color, and the multiple uses once fleece can offer. Would like to try some Icelandic for a rya pillow, though.

    Very best and thank you for the description,

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