One Sheep’s Trash…

…is that same sheep’s treasure the next day after it’s been rained on and tossed in the mud. I emptied yesterday’s hay out of the outside feeder this morning and tossed it on the ground hoping it would soak up some of the mud. The boys had turned their noses up at it yesterday, and it had been rained on overnight. I didn’t want to put the dry fresh hay on top of soggy waste hay.


“Why did you throw out this delicious hay??”

It’s nasty! You didn’t want it yesterday when it was fresh, why are you eating it now when it’s soggy and lying in the mud?

“Umm… the mud gives it flavor?”

The Soays confined their attentions to the hay in the Clubhouse feeder and the clean, dry hay therein.


“No muddy hay for us! Me and Daddy only want the best!”

I don’t see how Duke could know that Neo is his son, but tolerates a lot more sass from Neo than from the other boys. An ultra-dominant gelding horse I used to own would let one particular colt get away with almost anything because he thought the colt was his son, so maybe Duke does know? He might just like Neo more because they’re both Soay, but sometimes I wonder if animals know more than we give them credit for.

I just wish some particular animals knew better than to eat hay out of the mud when there’s clean hay in the rack…


4 thoughts on “One Sheep’s Trash…

  1. It is surprising to me too, how strong their preferences for their own breed seem to be. My sheep all hang out by breed. Except for Johnny, the Lincoln ram who seems to prefer the Black Welsh ewes over everybody. Go figure.

    • I didn’t notice it in my flock until I put Barney and Liam in the same field and they became sheepy BFFs almost right away, like they thought “Oh thank goodness, it’s another *proper* sheep!”

  2. As the song in The Fantasticks went:
    “Why do the kids put beans in their ears? They did it ’cause we said no!”

    Your sheepy kids fit the same mold!

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