It’s Too Cold For This.

The boys didn’t really want to go to bed tonight. They wanted to throw a wild frat party and stay up all night. Once I’d manhandled (ramhandled?) everyone into the Clubhouse, the Shetlands shrugged, gave up, and started eating hay.

The Soays contemplated Escape.


“Why is this chain thing on the door?”

That is the Duke Door-Bash Prevention System Mark II. Mark I was a piece of rope, but it turns out if a ram bashes a door that’s tied closed it pulls the knot so tight it’s impossible to untie. Then it has to be cut off before the door can be opened and nobody is very happy.


“Maybe I can pull it off?”

“That’s my boy!”

Like father like son. Lady isn’t too fond of being confined either, so Neo got a double dose of escape complex.

The Shetlands munch on in the background, oblivious.

I forgot to lock Watcher in the house before bringing the sheep in, so he “helped”. He gets an A+ for enthusiasm, but he’s actually more of a hindrance than a help. Sometimes I can’t get the sheep in at all if he’s outside, but tonight they came in with only a few dirty looks in his direction, which was good because I’d already frozen half to death trying to get the boys in. I didn’t want to freeze all the way to death in a similar battle with the girls.


“Go! Move! I’m a sheepdog, you have to do what I say!”

*sheep make raspberry noises at Watcher*

“I mean it, you better– hey look, MOMMY’s COMING!”


“MOMMY! I barked at the sheep! Did you see me? I told them what to do! They’re not listening to me! They’re stupid, you need different sheep!”

I need a sign for the fence: Beware the flying collie!


“Mom, that dog won’t quit barking at us! He’s trying to tell us what to do! I’m the Princess; I don’t have to listen to him! He’s stupid, you need a different dog!”

I have a feeling if Princess and Watcher were human siblings they’d be constantly trying to sell each other to the circus or something.

I say that like this farm isn’t a circus. Three ring circus, daily performances every morning and evening. The ringmaster looks a little frazzled and 90% of the time no one listens to her, but at least it’s never boring!


6 thoughts on “It’s Too Cold For This.

  1. I hope they don’t figure out a way to get the chain open! That’s some determination to escape there! Is it my imagination, or are the Soays much more into escapism than the Shetlands? Pardon this city girl’s ignorance (oops, old lady’s…..), but I am a shepherdess in my dreams only! 🙂

    • In my particular flock the Soays have the most imagination so they are much more likely to try to escape than the Shetlands. I’ve heard other people who keep Shetlands say that their Shetlands are harder to keep in than sheep from the more common larger breeds though.

  2. Dear Sarah,
    The boys laughed their way through this post — we had to read parts of it out loud *twice*. Noah says: Maybe you should try mixing mud in with the hay before putting it in the feeder. Mama wonders: are they getting extra vitamins from the dirt, perhaps?

    Very best,

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it!
      I’ve heard of animals getting extra minerals from eating dirt, but the boys get mineral mix, they shouldn’t be deficient enough to eat dirt on purpose. I think they’re just slobs. 🙂

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