Snow Day

The world is covered  in at least six inches of white this morning. Thank you Mr Weatherman, for warning me that there might be a few flurries and maybe a half inch of accumulation.

Watcher was ecstatic. When I took him out to do his business last night he took one look at the snow and started running in big circles as fast as he could, jumping into the air and biting at the falling flakes, then sprinting over to jump up on me trying to get me to play. This is how I ended up running around the yard in the dark like a crazy person playing chase with an absolutely giddy puppy. He’s getting very good at those collie mind tricks.

The sheep are less impressed. They do not approve of deep snow. Deep snow = no grass = unhappy sheep. When you’re as short as a Soay sheep, deep snow can also make it hard to walk through the drifts.


“It’s a conspiracy to make me eat this nasty hay, isn’t it?”

She decided to thwart my evil scheme and go out anyway. She didn’t get very far.


“Y’know, maybe that hay isn’t so bad…”

She took everyone back in to eat, but the rest of the time I was outside she’d run out every few minutes, yell at me, then run back to the Clubhouse. Just to make sure I was aware of her dissatisfaction with the whole situation.

Duke didn’t bother to leave the Clubhouse this morning, he just started stuffing hay in his mouth the minute it entered the feeder. The rest of the boys followed me, though.


“I think I might need some extra crunchies to keep warm.”

Is it just me, or are almost all of my pictures of Neo taken with the camera pointed straight down as he nibbles on my coat?

I’m not sure why Liam follows me around, he doesn’t get crunchy treats from my hand and wouldn’t take them if I offered them. I suppose he follows me because his friends all follow me.


“I don’t need extra crunchies! I’m carrying all this hay around in my wool to keep me warm!”

Yikes, Liam! One disadvantage of white sheep that I’m discovering is that they show dirt. Brown sheep always look pretty clean until you wash the wool and see all the dirt that floats out of it.

Barney’s trailing behind because he makes a detour every morning by his favorite back-scratching tree. He comes shouldering his way through the crowd soon enough, though.


“Out of my way, Liam! You’re between me and my crunchy treats.”


Don’t get between Barnabus and his crunchy treats. Just don’t.

Since I am not wearing several inches of wool or fur, I intend to wait out the snow by staying inside as much as possible and drinking lots of hot tea, hot chocolate, hot cider…

When will it be spring?


8 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Dear Sarah,

    Our apologies: the twins may have created the extra snow. They chanted snow incantations last evening while looking out the window, so that sledding would be on the menu for today.

    Liam has a habit of looking cute. Now he has a habit of looking like he rammed himself into a haystack. Has he been in the bins on the sly? No matter, he’s so cute that even if he had, he’d probably be forgiven.

    So far as I can tell, Mr. B. is an excellent hay hider. The Soays’ wool just doesn’t seem so collect-y; they remind me almost of tiny, very round deer. Rosie of Rosie’s Ponies in Georgetown has some Soays too, and they look as tiny and impish as yours.

    Funny about Watcher. Our grandparent’s collies frolicked like that, too; they adored snow but would bark endlessly at the flakes too, which is not as adorable.

    Spring should start in three weeks. That is when the first wee yellow crocus normally bloom in our back yard here in town (Lex), excepting last year, which was not normal in any way. So, lay in some more tea leaves, but it’s not for long.

    Very best,

    Natalie, Noah, and Christopher

    • And here I was blaming Elsa and Jack Frost for the snow. 🙂

      The Soays’ fleeces are shorter and denser, so the hay doesn’t work its way down into the fleece like it does on the Shetlands. They get some chaff around the backs of their necks, but not too much.

      It’s going to be a looong three weeks until spring, but that would be just in time for the lambs! I think my tea supply should last that long…

  2. Gosh, Liam is wearing half the hay. Or a tree?

    Neo is going to get a big surprise in a few months, when he isn’t the Baby anymore. He needs to get used to Cookie Reduction now.

    Sorry you have snow. When it’s 50F around here, we think it’s cold.

    • Sigh. Liam’s wearing half the hay. Maybe he’s trying to turn himself brown. Maybe he’s tired of being the only white sheep. Maybe he’s trying to drive me crazy.
      I think Neo will always think he’s the baby. 🙂

    • He might be, but his neck wool did get torn up a bit fighting with Duke. Duke was strutting around with a few tufts of white caught on his horns for a while. I hope Liam does roo though, it’s much easier on the sheep than shearing in my (limited) experience.

  3. For a while, the nice weatherfolk at had me believing that it was going to be in the 40s and 50s all through February. The day I said it out loud to someone, was the day that forecast disappeared. Yesterday when a forecast for subzero weather on Feb 1 showed up I nearly sat down and cried. Now I remember, just say it out loud. So, I’m saying it out loud. Spring is not really three weeks away. Go ahead weatherfolk — prove me wrong. 🙂

    • My forecast did the same thing. “Oh, it’s going to be warm! Haha, just kidding, you’re going to freeze to death!”
      I’m just hoping we don’t have six inches of ice when the lambs come…

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