If Princess must eat hay from her own feeder, she thinks it tastes better when she rips the tarp on the back of the Clubhouse so she can stick her head underneath and eat the hay from the back. I have no words.


“What are you doing, Mama?”
“I’m telling you, it tastes better this way! Don’t interrupt my breakfast!”
Breakfast with emphasis on “break”, apparently. They’re all going to blame me when the wind and rain come blowing into the Clubhouse through that gap, I’m sure of it.


“Come on, Mama! It’s time to go eat the boys’ hay!”
“Wait a minute! I’m not sure I’ve eaten enough to walk that far!”

Princess’s belly is huge. She’s always been a bit pot-bellied; that’s just the way she’s built, but now she’s ridiculously bulgy. Even though the lambs are still at least a month away, I can’t stop myself from staring at her, waiting for her to explode. I think either all that hay-stealing is catching up with her or she’s carrying twins. Or both. Or it’s one lamb with a really big amnion.

I have a sinking feeling if Princess has (half-Shetland) twin rams I’m not going to be able to stop myself from naming them Elladan and Elrohir after the half-elven twin sons of Elrond in Lord of the Rings. (They weren’t in the movies. I am not bitter about that at all. Really.) It seems very appropriate, even though Elladan and Elrohir are only called “half-elven” because Tolkien was a linguist, not a biologist. When I was in college I once spent several hours, two pages of calculations and a six-generation family tree proving that Elrond’s children were not actually half elven, they were either 75% elf and 25% human or they were 78% elf, 19% human and 3% Maia, depending on if their great-great grandmother’s DNA was altered when she “chose” to be mortal, however that works. (You get into some very weird, very intense arguments in college when you’re a science major and a sci-fi/fantasy nerd.)

Despite Tolkien’s inability to grasp the concept of “half”, I am leaning towards a Silmarillion/Lord of the Rings naming theme for the lambs. There are plenty of good names for both boys and girls, and due to the strong elven tendancy to fall in love with other species it even has quite a few names suitable for crossbreds! Granted 90% of those names start with “El-“, but all the crossbred lambs were sired by Liam, whose name begins with “L”, which sounds like “El-“, so it still works.

I think I may be over thinking this.

I think I may be entering the annual stage of sheep breeding where I alternate between freaking out and panicking until the lambs arrive.

I think I may be in love with the fact that sheep don’t end up needing therapy if you give them weird nerdy names.


8 thoughts on “Facepalm

  1. Gee, what do you do if she has twins and one is a girl? Would you have to mine Lost Tales or something to get a brother/sister combination? Been so long away from Tolkien that have forgotten. Since Princess appears to be quite the free spirit, pistol, rebel, wild thing, something with the word Taur (forest) or Leitha (free) and Fea (spirit) in there? Jeepers, too bad they don’t have words for forage or feed…since “free forager” or “free-with-the-feed” might be apt :}

    Oh, and since the OuchyZappyFence works, how about a ZappyTarp? That’s a lot of torn tarps…

    Very best,

    • Hmm… there was a pair of human boy/girl twins in Silmarillion, but they were such very minor characters I can’t remember their names. I might go with Eomer and Eowyn even though they weren’t twins, but I’m not sure. 🙂

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