Good, Better, Best

Hay from your own feeder is alright in emergencies when the gate is still closed and no one else has been fed yet. It’s edible, if it’s the only hay available.


“I can’t believe you’re making me eat this junk. I mean, having a footstool to reach higher is nice, but seriously– blech.”

The boys’ hay is much better. No footstool, but as long as you’re not Princess you can stand on your hind legs to reach the (much yummier) hay on top. Princesses do not stand on their hind legs. Princesses require footstools.


“Junior Princesses don’t mind standing up on their hind legs! The yummy hay on top is worth it!”

Princess doesn’t like being jostled while she’s eating hay, so she elected to eat the hay in Duke’s feeder– better yet!


“Your puppy dog eyes do not work on me, Duke! I’m the Princess; I shall eat all the hay I want!”


“Girls are bullies.”

I shooed chased shoved Princess away from Duke’s hay long enough to refill the feeder, so she decided to finish breakfast by eating the very best hay of all– the hay still in my bag.


“I think you mean MY bag!”

Initially I was worried she’d suffocate doing that, but she keeps trying to make me drop the bag by stepping on it while I’m carrying it so now there are plenty of hoof-sized air holes.

The girls are about 5-8 weeks out from lambing, and their bellies are starting to develop a definite bulge. Comparing her size to the other girls, it looks like Duchess might be pregnant this time! No udder development yet, but it’s still a bit early for that.

Liam and Barney are also starting to bulge, but I’m hoping sure it’s just wool. Neo looks like he’s at a pretty healthy weight, so I’m assuming the others are too.


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