Apparently the phrase “good fences make good neighbors” doesn’t apply to sheep. Liam and Duke went at it through the fence this afternoon and they both lost.
Liam doesn’t look too bad, just a little bloody around the poll and muzzle, and he lost a chunk of wool from the back of his neck. I’m surprised he got into a fight at all, he’s usually pretty laid back.
Duke (predictably) got his horns stuck in the fence during the fight and couldn’t get out. By the time I got him free he was missing a good bit of skin off the bridge of his nose, all the skin between his horns, and was limping pretty heavily to boot. I’m not sure how much of that was Liam’s fault and how much was from trying to get out of the fence. The leg doesn’t seem to be broken, so that’ll have to sort itself out unless it gets worse.
I didn’t see any blood on Neo or Barney, so they must have stayed out of it. They were both not at all very concerned about their pasturemates and  tried determinedly to pick my pockets of crunchies while I doctored Duke’s head and got his horns unstuck.
And here I was thinking about letting Duke in with the rest of the boys, since they’d been behaving so nicely lately. Sigh. It seems the girls do not have a monopoly on drama.


2 thoughts on “Rams…

  1. It is all of those silly hormones. I am rather surprised about Liam. Maybe the craziness (ahem! I mean “self-expression”) of your other sheep has rubbed off on him.

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