Is Nothing Sacred?

Apparently stealing hay from Barney, Liam, and Neo isn’t enough. The back of Duke’s hay feeder is covered to prevent the hay from falling out the back, but it wasn’t enough to stop the girls from pushing the tarp up and pulling the hay out the back.


“Look at this! They’re eating me out of house and home! I’ll staaarve!”
Isn’t that the most pitiful face ever seen on a ram? Poor Duke. Those girls should be ashamed of themselves.


“We’re not. We have no shame when it comes to hay stealing.”
Their hay racks are both still half full, incidentally. It’s not like they need to eat everyone else’s hay. Besides, it’s not nice to make a grown ram cry.


“They ate my hay!!”
It should be illegal for a ram to look that pitiful. I think Duke may have better puppy dog eyes than my actual puppy dog.

6 thoughts on “Is Nothing Sacred?

  1. Some things are so obvious that they just don’t cross one’s mind! I’m off to cut some feed bags up and fix them at the back of our makeshift feeder! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Duke’s eyes are big and round and soooo sad. We ask, is he getting any thinner? Will this make him small enough to attempt another —- escape? Better watch out; behind those puppy dog eyes there may be a mastermind planning his next move :}
    Very best,
    Natalie, Christopher, and Noah in Lexington

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