Merry Christmas!

I wasn’t really dreaming of a muddy Christmas, but at least it isn’t icy.
The sheep got the last of the year’s pumpkins for Christmas, and we’ll probably have a crunchy party this evening.


“You could at least use my name, instead of calling me ‘the sheep’!”
I kind of meant “sheep” in the plural sense, but yeah. Princess isn’t much for sharing. Eventually she had to pull her head out to breathe, and then the others got to get their share.
The boys were pretty good about sharing their pumpkin, until Barney and Neo noticed me standing there taking pictures.


“Do you think ShepherdPerson has crunchies?”
“Yeah, I bet she does!”


“Hey, where are you guys going?”
“Not now, Liam! There might be crunchies!”


“Pleeeease can we have crunchies?? We’re starving and cold and it’s Christmas and you would be a horrible ShepherdPerson if you didn’t give us crunchies!”
There may or may not be new sheep teeth marks in my coat from over-dramatic little sheepies trying to pull my pocket open. They may or may not have gotten some extra crunchies anyway.


Duke didn’t have to share his pumpkin. Duke has a dim view of sharing. Actually he got several tiny pumpkins instead of one big one, but he liked them anyway.
Watcher got a new rope toy, and I got a new camera! No more phone pics! Woohoo! It’s a fancy camera with lots of fancy settings, so it’s going to take me a long time to figure it out. So far my pictures are coming out a little blurry, so obviously I’m doing something wrong.


“No one can possibly get this extra-special toy away from me, but someone needs to try!”

I’m not sure why he always holds his rope toys by holding just a few strands of the fringe clenched between his incisors instead of holding the thick rope part behind his canines like a normal dog. He always ends up dropping the toy when he tries to run. He’s a happy puppy, though.
I would say this has been a very merry Christmas at Broken Ear Farm, even if it is a bit muddy.
Merry Christmas to everyone reading!


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Merry Christmas to all of you! So, did you leave a trail of crunchies after your pocket was tested for strength and durability?
    Very best from the menagerie,
    Natalie, Christopher, Noah, Ladybug, Muffin and Curte, who doesn’t know he’s being included.

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