How to Make Friends With a Sheep

Step 1: Crunchy treats.
Step 2: More crunchy treats.
Step 3: Lots of patience.
Duchess and Lady have been more skittish than usual lately, probably because I didn’t hang out with them much while they were with Duke, and it’s been too cold to hang out outside since they moved back. I went out today though, because a) it’s a bit warmer and b) Nova has been causing fights all morning trying to nurse off of Duchess. Duchess who does not and never has had any milk. I’m… not sure what to make of that.
Lady didn’t have any stake in the fight, but she jumped in anyway because she does not and never has liked Nova.
Princess ignored the drama and kept grazing, because she does not and never has let anything short of labor pains or Clubhouse renovations get in the way of her grazing time.
I tried to get pictures from outside the fence, but I kept getting tackled from behind by 60+ pounds of collie who thinks photography is boring and really wanted me to admire the really special random stick he found somewhere.
I moved inside the fence, but then the possibility (probability) of crunchies distracted the girls from their scuffle.


“Nova, so help me if you don’t stop pestering me–“
“But Auntie Duchess–“
“I don’t know what you’re fighting about, but I’m on the anti-Nova team!”
At that point I decided to try the video camera on my phone. I used to take lots of videos of the sheep, but I haven’t really since my real camera broke. It’s too hard for me to hold the cell phone camera steady, plus it drains the battery and memory space on my phone.
In the end, I did manage to capture relatively steady footage of Lady trying to remove my thumb, so I suppose the effort was worth it. Sometimes I’m glad sheep don’t have upper incisors. I also now have proof that the sheep have dark tongues, which people generally refuse to believe.

“Does ShepherdPerson have crunchies? ShepherdPerson has crunchies! Is ShepherdPerson’s thumb crunchy? I want to eat the crunchy thumb! Oh no, she’s reaching for her pocket! Yay, it’s more crunchies!”
Inevitably Nova had to come investigate these crunchies. I couldn’t get very good pictures of that because they were crowded in too close and the cell phone doesn’t do close ups very well.


“Is Auntie Lady getting crunchies?”


“Um, I think those crunchies are supposed to be MINE. Move over!”


“She’s lying! They’re mine! I was here first!”
I expected Princess to come over at some point and settle the matter by taking all the crunchies herself, but aside from chewing on my hair a little bit when I first went out she didn’t seem interested.


“I’m a strong, independent sheep who don’t need no ShepherdPerson! Unless I change my mind.”
Duchess never did come over, which was a bit disappointing. She has always been the most shy, but she used to at least come eat any crunchies I “dropped”. At least Lady seems to be my friend again. Duchess usually follows Lady’s lead, so hopefully she’ll settle down soon.


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