Deck the Halls

The weather has been awful lately. I can’t remember the last time we had any sunshine. If it’s going to be cold, I’d prefer cold, clear weather or cold, snowy weather. This is the nasty cold-wet-dreary weather.
I get depressed when it’s cloudy this many days in a row, so when I saw some Christmas garland on clearance this morning I decided to decorate the Girls’ Clubhouse to cheer things up.



They don’t look very much like real poinsettias, which don’t grow on vines as far as I’m aware, but they’re pretty anyway. And did I mention they were on clearance?


“No. No, Mom. Mom, no. Mom.”
I looped one of the garlands around Princess’s neck for a picture. She did not approve. I tried to get one on Nova, but she was convinced I intended to garrotte her with a flimsy fake vine and fled in terror.


“Nova! Get back in here!”
“Nooooo! ShepherdPerson’s being scary!”
“Fine, I’ll just eat all the hay by myself.”
I told Princess she looked totes adorbs, but she gave me that “Mom, you are so not cool” look all teenage girls throughout history have given their mothers at one point or another. I’m pretty sure she was just mad about the flowers, not about my no doubt bungled attempt to use slang, but I instantly resolved that “totes adorbs” was going to be deleted from my mental dictionary just in case. It sounds even worse out loud than it looks on the internet. If something sounds stupid when said to a sheep, it’s probably best not to say it to a human.


“OK, fine, I looked at the camera. Will you take it off now? You’re so embarrassing.”
Very well, but I still think it’s cute.
I wanted to get a picture of Watcher with flowers in his collar, but while I was decorating the Clubhouse he had gotten a little too excited about the mud puddle outside the sheep gate, so he wasn’t exactly ready for a photo shoot.
Maybe another day. Hopefully a day with some sunshine.


2 thoughts on “Deck the Halls

  1. Curious minds would love to know what Watcher eventually found in the puddle, and if the flock eventually found the faux poinsettias tasty and reachable.

    We’re with you on the dank dim pneumonic demonic intolerably rude grayness which has us wrapped in its gloomy, malencholy arms. Never to let go, it appears. My husband is planning our May vacation southwards already, out of desperation.

    Very best,


    • Watcher found mud in the puddle. Lots and lots of mud. He was estatic. I was not. 😦
      Princess chomped on the poinsettias a few times while I was putting them up before she figured out they weren’t edible, and they’ve pretty much ignored them ever since. 🙂
      A vacation southward sounds nice; I miss having decent weather.

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