Duchess and Lady completely flipped out when I let them out this morning, which surprised me. They’ve always been skittish, but they haven’t been bounce-off-the-walls terrified of me in ages.
Then it hit me. I had the hood on my jacket pulled up, and since I don’t normally wear a hood they didn’t recognize me. ScaryHoodPerson is obviously not ShepherdPerson, even if they smell the same, sound the same, and bring the same yummy hay in the same bag.
Princess just gave me a bored look and went straight to the feeder, which either means that she recognized me, or that she doesn’t care if it’s me or a strange hooded person who feeds her as long as she gets fed. Knowing her, both are equally likely. At least they were glad to see the hay.


“Yummy hay!”
“Move over!”
“No, you move!”
Today Duchess and Lady were too hungry to wait their turn. The picture is slightly blurry, but it’s the clearest shot I could get with them pushing and wiggling and climbing over each other. The poor things are half starved, what with not eating since yesterday.
Apparently the hay on top is much better than the hay on the bottom, and the hay in the other feeder is totally yucky despite all of it having come from the same bale. Maybe they’ll migrate over to that feeder once the novelty of this one wears off.
So far, the boys just stand shoulder to shoulder and munch their way through the hay without all this drama. Maybe a little bit of shoving, but nothing too serious. Neo gets his fair share, which is my main concern with him being so little.
Duke has his own private hay feeder. In a group setting he spends so much time chasing everyone else away from the hay that he doesn’t eat it himself, which is silly and wastes a lot of hay.
In all three pens, I’m much more popular in the winter when I’m their main source of food. People who bring them food are better than people who lock them away from lush pastures all night. If we have a lot of snow and ice like last year (nooooo!) I might reach celebrity status by January. Even if I’m wearing a scary hood.


4 thoughts on “Revolt

  1. Dear Sarah,

    Christopher and Noah “think that’s really funny when the sheep think that ScaryHoodPerson is obviously not ShepherdPerson even though everything is the same. They giggled and giggled,” [as dictated by Christopher]

    Very best and hoping that your tea is still warm when you finally get to drink it,

    Christopher and Noah [typed by themselves]

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