The Duke’s Residence

We finally got a hoop house put up in Duke’s pen. Yay!


This one has a covered piece of cattle panel wired to the back, to avoid the problem of trying to stretch a square tarp over a curved opening.
I’m still hoping Duke will be able to move in with the other guys in a few weeks, but at least he’s got a nice shelter until then.


“Can I invite the girls over for a house warming party?”


The three amigos are getting along famously. Liam gets a little pushy every now and then, but neither of the others really take him that seriously.


“Don’t worry about the hay feeder, Mommy. I can eat it straight from the bag!”


“But what about us? We can’t reach it in there!”


“Yeah, that’s the point!”
I finally persuaded Princess to let me dump the hay into the feeder. Not that that made her any more inclined to share.


“This is mine and Mama’s hay!”
Well, she shared with Nova. I suppose that counts as generous.


“We’re being sneaky!”
I put hay in the lambing pen feeder for Lady and Duchess. Normally everyone eats from one feeder at a time even if the other feeders are full, but I guess this morning they were too hungry to wait for Princess to finish.


2 thoughts on “The Duke’s Residence

    • He’s not very good at being pushy even when he tries. More annoyingly persistent pestering than aggressive head-bashing like Duke or Princess. I don’t think he has it in him to be a real bully, at least not yet.

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