First Snow


Excuse me while I go cry. Isn’t there some sort of old superstition that says if the first snow comes before Thanksgiving no one now living shall live to see the spring? Or maybe it just says “long winter”. Either way, I’m sure it’s a portent of doom.


“ShepherdPerson! This is not acceptable!”
The big blob is (obviously) Duke and the two tiny blobs farther back are Duchess and Lady. Apparently my phone is really bad at photographing dark animals in the snow. Since all my animals except Liam are dark, that’s a bit of a problem…


“Just when I thought it couldn’t get any weirder around here!”
especially when the lone light animal won’t come out of the Clubhouse. Today was Liam, Neo, and Nova’s first experience with snow, and Liam wanted no part of it. He wanted to stay inside where there was hay and no snow, which seemed sensible to me. When he did come out, he high-stepped through the snow staring at his feet like Disney’s Bambi.


“Do I gotta go with Princess?”
Even Barnabus was reluctant to go out, preferring to stay right next to me.


“What’s all that white stuff?”
Nova and Neo were curious about the snow, but didn’t seem to uncomfortable with it.

Princess, while she clearly wasn’t happy with the snow, nevertheless insisted that everyone Must Go Forth and Graze. They stayed out for a few minutes before she decided it would be better to stay in the Clubhouse with the hay and no snow.

Watcher didn’t bat an eye at the snow. His puppyhood was spent during last year’s winter when the snow stayed on the ground for weeks if not months. As far as he’s concerned the world just went back to normal.

As far  as I’m concerned we are all doomed to eternal ice and snow. I’m off to look for a magic wardrobe leading to a world where you can end winter immediately just by killing an ice witch.


5 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. Poor Liam. He’s a sensible sheep, and knows what’s coming. Scratch that, already arrived. Is he still high-stepping? I wonder if it snows much on the island of Soay, since the rest really aren’t that perturbed.
    Here in Lexington, we’re dreaming of escape.
    Very best, Natalie

    • It gets very cold on the island of Soay, but I don’t think it snows due to being a small island out in the ocean.
      Liam isn’t high-stepping anymore, but he still doesn’t like going out.

      • Thank you: good to know about Soay!
        Poor Liam; he might get very tired of life under tarps. Then again, he seems a sensible sort; he might just have it figured out: under tarp=no snow and nice hay, and who needs to move much right now anyway when it’s so darn cold.

        Very best, and thank you for such an entertaining blog. Our twins are entranced and regularly ask if “more sheep articles” have come out.. We read them together: they the speech, me the narration.

        Natalie in Lex

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