You Might Have a Spoiled Puppy If…


“Are you looking at my toys?”
…he can’t decide which toy to chew, so he chews on one and sits on two others. Just in case I decide I want to chew on one. No one else is supposed to chew his beloved toys.
Of course, two minutes after I took this picture he left all three toys and tried to run off with a bottle of Clorox, but once I got that away from him he went back to guarding his toys like a dragon sitting on his treasure.


“All these toys are mine! Paws off!”
Sandy doesn’t chew on toys much anymore (actually he doesn’t chew much of anything anymore; he only has 7 teeth left), but the other day he was puttering around the house and decided to take Watcher’s bone. For an old guy with seven teeth Sandy can still be pretty ferocious, so he managed to take it right out of Watcher’s grasp.
Poor Watcher got so upset he started throwing a tantrum, tearing around the house at top speed barking and crying and insisting that someone (besides him) rescue his bone from the Terrifying Terrier. Then he started whapping Sandy with his paws.
I’m pretty sure he thinks he has claws like a cat. Watcher and his littermates had two or three feline nannies when they were babies, and he has several distinctly feline mannerisms I think he picked up from them.
Sandy doesn’t take kindly to being whapped and really isn’t steady enough on his feet to put up with Watcher knocking him over, so the whole scuffle ended with Sandy in the kitchen staring in puzzlement at the bone wondering how to chew it without molars,  and Watcher curled up with his back to me in his time-out crate with another (identical-but-somehow-not-as-good) bone grumbling about the unfairness of life in general, and mean mommies and tyrant terriers in particular.
The sheep, despite not being blogged about much lately, are doing well; Princess is starting to put some weight back on now that Nova is finally mostly weaned, which is good.


Neo keeps getting bigger, though it’s still hard to tell him apart from Nova at a distance.
Since my camera has been broken, I’ve been typing up most of my posts from my phone. It keeps trying to auto correct “Nova” to “Bobby”, which is both strange and annoying.


Barney thinks he can squeeze through the gate. He can’t. He never could. Duchess and Bobby Nova have both managed it though, so he keeps trying.


“Everyone here is completely bonkers. I do not understand anything that goes on around here.”
Poor Liam. He’s so confused. He mostly hangs out with Barney, who he deems slightly less crazy than the rest of us. Slightly.


“Oops, she’s looking this way! Quick, pretend you’re eating!”
The Soays are undoubtedly planning some new Splendid Game over there in the corner. Probably something very fun and destructive. Won’t it be delightful when Duchess and Lady come back in a week or two and join in the scheming? Duchess has always had a knack for coming up with truly Splendid Games.

Watcher’s idea of a Splendid Game is draping a toy over someone’s shoe, and pretending to chew the toy while he’s really chewing the shoe. Also, chewing through his leashes. And sneaking up on his bone in a sneaky crouch, then leaping into the air and pouncing on it like a cat. A big, 60+ pound cat that shakes the floor when he lands.

Right now he’s having a meltdown because his lunch is 17.5 minutes late. I had best go feed him before his perishes of hunger. Did I mention I think this dog might be slightly spoiled?


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