Oh Darn

Last year I decided that knitting socks was entirely too tedious, time consuming, hard and boring, and I wasn’t going to make any more. Nope. No more.
Then I got one of those skeins of yarn that looked really pretty in the skein, but I hated the way it looked knitted up. The only project I could think of to suit ugly fingering weight yarn was socks, since no one really ever sees them.


I’m about halfway done with the cuffs. And they were tedious. And time consuming. And hard. And boooring. I’m definitely not making any more. Nope. No more.
Also, when I pulled out a pair that I made last year, one of the socks had two holes in the top of the foot, where socks don’t usually get holes. Not sure what happened there.
Shortly thereafter I discovered that darning socks is almost as bad as making them in the first place, and has much less satisfying results.


I used exactly the same yarn the sock was made of to mend it, but somehow it’s a different color and the mended area is uncomfortably hard, thick and bumpy. Yay. I suppose it must have been bad yarn or something. Or maybe I’m just not good at making/mending socks.
Either way, darning is another thing I plan on not doing again. Nope. Not again. Not until next time, anyway.


4 thoughts on “Oh Darn

  1. I have a single sock, half-knitted in fingering, that has been languishing for a month and a half. Somehow, every other project “gets” pushed in front of it.

    My lame excuse (is that a pun of sorts?) is that the yarn is dark blue and hard for almost-Medicare old eyes to see.

    I may knit more socks (if I ever get this pair done) but I don’t think it will be in fingering.

    • My hands kill me if I knit with heavier weight yarn, so almost everything I make is in the lace-fingering range. I tried a pair of worsted weight socks, but after I finished the first one I decided it was too painful and the sock was too hot to wear, so I never made the mate to it.

  2. I seem to get socks for other people done, but I have two singles for myself that don’t have their second socks at at this point (they are very pretty socks) I’ve decided they are mates, even though one is cobalt blue and the other pomegranate red.
    As to the darning, it looks pretty ‘darn’ good to me. The color may be due to ‘wear’ of the yarn and washing, yarn does change color over time. I think if you wash the sock the stitches will blend with each other just a little better. They match pretty well as I’ve already said. Oh that is another thing, since I can’t often find the original yarn or it is in the wrong house (long story) I’ve decided mends might as well be celebrated. I have some very bright patches and it makes me smile, but then this is coming from a woman who plans to wear two non-matching socks as a pair. Love hearing about you and your critters. 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s a relief to know my results are normal, so I can stop trying to figure out what I did wrong. 🙂
      I always make my socks two at a time magic loop, otherwise it’s too hard to go back and make the second sock. Even if I do get the second sock made it never comes out the same size as the first unless I make them both at the same time.

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