When the Collie’s Away

The sheep all play!

Watcher’s at the vet undergoing a procedure to prevent the world from being conquered by an army of mini-Watchers. He acted like I was a horrible person for leaving him there, but as I was leaving I looked through the window and saw him wagging his tail wildly and kissing the vet tech, so I guess he doesn’t feel too abandoned.

No sooner had I pulled in the driveway from dropping off Watcher than I noticed something odd in the field.



There are five sheep in the field where there should be no sheep, and no sheep in the field where there should be five.

The electric fence battery is on charge, and the sheep are clever enough to know that the OuchyZappyFence doesn’t OuchyZap when it’s not making that popping noise. Hopefully Watcher will recover quickly, before the farm descends into total chaos. He and Neo love to “talk” through the fence, so I imagine Neo will be hearing all about this latest outrage. He should be able to sympathize with Watcher’s plight.


“Don’t remind me, that was horrible!”
“What was?”
“You don’t want to know, Liam.”

Liam (the good boy!) escaped last night through a slouchy section of fence, but he didn’t like being alone and just ran in circles crying trying to get back, while Watcher thunderously sounded the alarm.

I opened the fence to let Liam back in, then Barney (the other good boy!) ran through the opening before I could close it. Watcher sounded the alarm again, even though I was standing right there and already knew what was going on. I got Barney back in, straightened the fence, and figured that would be the end of it. I should have known better.

Princess threw a royal tantrum last night because it Wasn’t Fair for Liam and Barney to escape and not her, so I guess today was a golden opportunity for everyone to go on a field trip (Literally) without setting off the Farm Alarm.


2 thoughts on “When the Collie’s Away

  1. Good morning! We’ve been reading back posts together since there isn’t a new one today, and the boys find the OuchyZappyFence very giggle-inducing. They fed horses carrots yesterday and we wonder if sheep like carrots, too.
    Very best,
    Natalie, Christopher, Noah, in Lexington

    • Good afternoon! Sheep are like people, they don’t always like the same things. My sheep don’t like carrots (I’ve tried!), but I’ve heard other people say their sheep love them. I’ve also heard of sheep who prefer apple slices, cheerios, vanilla wafers, or even figs. My sheep are picky eaters and only like plain Chex cereal. And the occasional pumpkin. 🙂

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