I got everyone back into the right field. Princess raced around in a panic when she realized I’d hooked the fence back up and she was trapped in a field which is (in her mind) obviously too small for her. Barney cracks me up, he has no idea why everyone is running or where they’re going, and he keeps going the wrong way. That little hop-kick he does when he’s excited is so cute. He does that all the time, but I’ve never managed to catch it on video before.

You can’t hear her on the video, but Nova has been crying her head off all morning, calling to Duchess and Lady and I haven’t the faintest idea why. She sounds just like a higher-pitched Princess. All irritated demands, no plaintive cries of distress like the other sheep. She’s with her mama, there is nothing wrong with her or anyone else, she’s just apparently decided today that she misses her aunties in the next field. I think she shares her mama’s opinion that the flock should always be strictly segregated by gender. Which might be a problem, considering that the breeding groups are supposed to stay together for another month.

Watcher needs to get better quickly, or I may be in trouble.


4 thoughts on “Postscript

  1. Hi Sarah, I’m a new reader from Lake Oswego, Oregon. I just found your blog yesterday and have started reading from present day backwards. I absolutely love your writing style and your narratives of the activities that go on with the sheep! I have never seen sheep run so fast before. . . it really surprised me. I don’t know if the speed of the video was accelerated, but wow, they really zip around the place! Thank you for your amusing posts, your great pictures, and all the time it must take to do all this.
    Best wishes to you for the new year,
    Lisa Smith

    • Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog.
      I don’t know how to edit videos, so the video isn’t accelerated, the sheep really are that fast. šŸ™‚

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