Hug a Sheep Day

Today is (Inter)National Hug a Sheep Day!


“Hug a Sheep Day? We get hugs?”
Barnabus likes hugs, and having his chin scratched, and sitting in my lap…


“Oh yes, that’s the spot…”
I also gave Princess a hug, but she squirmed and wiggled and protested my taking such liberties. Plus all this hugging was delaying her breakfast, and breakfast is Very Important.


“Less hugging, more eating! How about we have Feed a Sheep Crunchies Day instead?”
Princess doesn’t like hugs or chin scratches, but she does enjoy scratches around the base of her horns. I think technically you’re not supposed to pet sheep around their horns, but she’s always wanted to be petted there so I assume the guy who raised her must have done it when she was a baby. It doesn’t seem to trigger her butting instinct any more than anything else does. Certainly less than hugging.


“I don’t really want any hugs, but do you have any crunchies you can give me while the girls are distracted?”
Neo’s not a hugger either, though he likes having his chin scratched. If he’s also eating crunchies. Mostly he just likes crunchies.

“… Hugs? Seriously? Um… No. No hugs for us.”
I didn’t even try to hug Lady or Duchess. For one thing it would scare them out of their wits, and for another…

“I’d like a hug!”
… I’d have to get past that guy. He probably would enjoy being hugged, but I wouldn’t enjoy smelling like him for the rest of the day.

“No more sheep hugs! Play with me! Look, I have my Frisbee!”
Buddy would have been 12 years old this coming Monday, so I’m going to say it’s Hug a Collie Day, too.

“You’ll have to catch me first! Grrr, take that you Frisbee!”
Maybe I should settle for Chase A Collie Day…


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