Remodeling Part 2

The Soay Building Inspection Team discusses the placement of windows in the new Clubhouse tarp.


“Hmm, I think right about here would be good. Come on lambs, let’s get to work!”

I think Neo and Nova have forgotten that they’re not twins. They both tag along after Princess, they both want to sleep near Princess, they both try to nurse off of Princess, they both imitate everything Princess does. Princess was irritable about it at first, until she saw the potential in having two minions to help carry out her Royal Decrees. Now she doesn’t seem to mind. Maybe she’s also forgotten that Neo isn’t really hers?

Sheep 3

“I think we should put it up high!”

“Um, guys? ShepherdPerson is looking at us… are you sure you’re supposed to be doing that?”

Liam hovered nervously in the background, not sure at all that this window business was a good idea.

Barney took advantage of Princess’s distraction to stay in the Clubhouse and gorge himself on sheep mineral.

I vainly attempted to distract them from their shiny new wall toy. You’d think they’d leave it intact for at least 24 hours, but nooo.


“Relax, Mom. We’re professionals.”

That makes me feel so much better.


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