The Clubhouses were getting a bit too drafty, what with all those windows the sheep had installed, so yesterday we replaced all the tarps. We had a great deal of help.


Princess inspected the new tarp for chewability.


And made sure we had all the wire ties pulled good and tight.
Neo and Nova amused themselves crawling under and climbing on one of the hay racks we moved out while while working on the tarp, and the Shetland boys kept a wary distance and watched the commotion with a distinct air of suspicion and disapproval.


“Mom! Mom! Look what I found! It’s a flappy thing that makes crinkling noises when I shake it! It’s amazing!”
Watcher volunteered for the clean-up crew. I thought we had cleaned up pretty well, but he kept bringing new “treasures” back to the house all afternoon, so I suppose we missed quite a bit.


“Now I just need to tear– um, I mean fold– this up…”
The sheep were disconcerted by the lack of windows. They miss being able to see out in all directions from inside the Clubhouse, but I imagine they’ll like staying dry when it rains. At least until they get around to putting in new windows.


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