Brief Reprieve

After days of overcast skies and rain clouds, yesterday we had a nice sunny day. I’m solar powered; I have no energy unless the sun is out, so I was very happy to get some sunshine.


I’m less happy about the giant spider that keeps building its web across the basement door. I don’t mind spiders in general, as they eat flies and mosquitoes and such, but I don’t like walking into their webs every time I go through the door. Also, this gal is bigger than a quarter, which I feel is pushing the boundaries of respectability where spider size is concerned.


“Hurry up, you lambs! Eat grass while the sun shines!”
Princess doesn’t believe in wasting any daylight hours that could be spent grazing, so the Soays stay pretty industrious.


The Shetlands… not so much. They believe in frequent naps in the shade.


“You go ahead, Princess. We’ll catch up later.”
Princess is not impressed with such laziness, but she’s not carrying around a big heavy Shetland fleece.


“I’ve got my eye on those sneaky sheep of yours, just in case they launch a surprise attack or something.”
Watcher may not approve of sheep in general, but he takes his job as Farm Alarm very seriously and promptly informs me if anything is wrong outside. Or if he thinks anything is wrong, which isn’t always the same thing. He can’t stay out as long as he’d like when it’s hot because his black coat makes him overheat easily, but he still manages to keep everyone in line around here.


“I’m keeping an eye on you too, Mom!”
Well, almost everyone. He despairs of ever teaching me not to wander off.


“Ow! Nova, you stepped on my head!”
“Well get your head out of the way then, Neo!”
Yesterday evening the ever-industrious Soays decided the Clubhouse needed another window. As cute as it is to see little sheep faces peeking out at me through the holes in the morning, the tarp isn’t much use as a rainblock once it’s been torn to shreds.
The minute I tried to convince them to go to bed, the game was over and Princess sprinted back out the gate as fast as she could go.


“I am not setting hoof in that pen until you get those guys out of my Clubhouse!”

A week or so ago I was out late, and Princess convinced the Substitute ShepherdPerson that instead of putting the boys in the main Clubhouse and the girls in the Royal Suite, the Soays were supposed to sleep in the big Clubhouse and the Shetlands in the little one. (In hindsight, I’m pretty sure that’s what the girls were trying to tell me that day they trapped Barney and Liam in the little pen.)
Ever since then, Princess has refused to go up any other way unless physically forced.
Apart from the initial bout of head-bonking to establish pecking order, Barney and Liam have gotten along well, so I had no strong objection to the change. She’d really prefer Neo to be in the little pen too, but all three boys in that little pen would be too crowded, and Neo might get trampled. He’s happy he gets to stay with Nova, Nova’s happy she gets to stay with her mama, and Princess is happy that she gets the big Clubhouse.

I like it when everyone’s happy.


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