Dreary Days

The weather lately has been very gloomy. The poor sheep haven’t been thoroughly dry in days. Last week I spent two hours in the basement with a howling puppy while tornadoes went through the area. I keep reminding myself that I’m not allowed to complain about rain, because droughts are much worse. image “You sheep stay back!”

“Sheesh, we’re just trying to eat while there’s a break in the rain, do you mind?”

Grazing is not allowed for sheep around here, according to Watcher. Neither is running, walking, standing still, or sleeping. I’m not sure what exactly he wants the sheep to do, but he gets very frustrated that they won’t cooperate. Watcherfrisbee

“You can’t catch me!”

Watcher subtly tries to lure me away from the sheep by teasing me with his wonderful toy. The main point of the game of fetch is the part where I chase him all over the yard trying to get the toy back. The part where I throw it and he catches it and brings it back takes off running is just a brief interruption.image “Any second now she’s going to throw it, and then I’ll catch it, and then I’ll run and this time she’ll never be able to take it from me…”

Watcher’s close to mastering the laser-like Collie Stare. It’s kind of like a Jedi mind trick, but for collies. He stares fixedly at people or things until magically they do what he wants. It’s not as intense as Buddy’s stare was yet, but he’s working on it and making good progress.

When he was little, I’d run him around and wear him out so he’d take a nap while I worked on other things. Now he runs me around and wears me out so I’ll take a nap while he works on (destroying) things. image “Must you always bring that YappyBarkyDog with you?”

Everything seems pretty peaceful down in the far field. Duke is thrilled to have some ewes in his pasture to show off for. He struts around like the King of the Forest and the girls mostly ignore him. His ego seems pretty resilient, though. image “Hey there, ShepherdPerson! Have you come to take pictures of me?”

“Duke! She’s trying to take pictures of me and Duchess! Get out of the shot!”

I don’t think sheep understand cameras, but they’re master photobombers.

Duchess is the only ewe that doesn’t seem to have cycled yet. She should have cycled by now so either she’s suddenly become shy (unlikely), or I just haven’t been watching closely enough (more likely). Being a pessimist, my brain is already cooking up worst-case scenarios of infertility, but I have been gone a lot more this year than I was last year, so I’m sure I just wasn’t home when she was in heat.

I was surprised that Nova came in heat last week at a little under 6 months, until I checked my records and realized I had remembered her birthday wrong and she’s actually a week or so short of 7 months, not 6 months. No wonder she looked so big for her age! That’s still pretty young, but much closer to a normal age for puberty. Now it’s just a waiting game to see if they’ve settled.

I’ll have to end the post here; Watcher’s staring at me and I suddenly have an irresistible urge to play fetch again…

“You have been on the computer long enough. You want to play with me now. This is the toy you’re looking for.”


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