Mystery of the Locked Gate

This morning I noticed that Barney and Liam were being more annoying than usual in their unwelcome advances towards Princess. They were even flirting with Nova, who’s been pretty much ignored up until now by all the guys except Neo.
This evening when I went to put the sheep up, I found Barney and Liam somehow got locked in the lambing pen. I have no idea how long they’d been stuck in there.


“Um... We’re not really sure how this happened.”
“But Barney, wasn’t it–“
“Shush, Liam! I’m embarrassed enough already! Honestly ShepherdPerson, we don’t know how it happened.”
In the absence of any reliable witnesses, the mystery must remain unsolved.
Although… Nova did have a wisp of long white wool stuck to her horn… and it may have been my imagination, but Princess seemed to look rather smug…


“Innocent until proven guilty!”


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