Neo thought my inattention the other day might mean he could sneak his way into the girls’ pen tonight without me noticing.


“ShepherdPerson, Neo won’t stop following me around, make him leave me alone!”
“Tattle tale!”
I kept shooing him out, and he kept circling around me and darting back in again.


“Ugh, you are the most annoying little brother ever!”
“Am not!”
“Are too!”
“Am not!”


“He started it!”
“Did not.”
Liam is peeking through the wall wondering where his buddy went.
Princess was hiding behind my legs glaring daggers at Neo and making it perfectly clear she had no intention of babysitting two lambs all night.


“I promise I’ll be good! Pleeeease??”
That, as Mary Poppins would say, is a pie crust promise. Easily made, easily broken. I did finally manage to get him in with the other guys, much to his disappointment. He found a sympathetic ear for his woes in Watcher.


“ShepherdPerson is so mean to me. She just wants me to be miserable.”
“I know! She never lets me have any fun.”
Ungrateful teenagers. At least Princess is happy with me for once for having ousted the interloper from the Royal Suite. As long as she’s happy, I can handle a couple of spoiled angsty obviously mistreated adolescents.


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