Every night when I put the sheep up I put the guys (Liam, Barnabus, and Neo) in the big Clubhouse and the girls (Princess and Nova) in the Royal Suite, aka the lambing pen. This is necessary in order to keep Liam and Barnabus from fighting over who gets to sit next to Princess, and to keep Princess and Barnabus from fighting on general principles. Tonight I must have been distracted and somehow I got Princess in the lambing pen but left Nova with the guys. I guess Nova was too busy sniffing around for stray crunchies to notice that her mama was leaving.

A few minutes later I was informed of this grievous error by loud bellowing from Princess that Watcher and I could hear from the house. Said bellowing caused Watcher the Farm Alarm to erupt in barking that was probably audible for miles.

Nova is nearly as large as her mama and there’s really no good reason they shouldn’t be separated, but in order to avoid being deafened I had to go out in the dark and rectify the situation to everyone’s satisfaction.


“I can’t believe you forgot my little baby— AaakMyEyesWhatWasThat?!?”

Apparently I also forgot to turn the flash off on my phone camera. Actually I wasn’t aware my phone camera had a flash until it went off. Their Royal Woollinesses were Not Impressed.


“Seriously, Mom. First you can’t even manage to keep the five of us straight, then you go and flash a bright light in our eyes. This is not the level of service I am accustomed to.”

Neo was disappointed that he didn’t get to have a sleepover with Nova (who is Awesome), but everyone else is relieved that the world has returned to its proper order. I trudged back to the house to the sound of Nova happily guzzling milk. Obviously five and a half months is far too young for Junior Princesses to be weaned.


2 thoughts on “Oops…

  1. What in the world is Nova going to do when Princess has a new lambie? She will need psychotherapy when she’s kicked out (probably literally, knowing Her Royal Eweness) of the milk bar.

    • I don’t know what she’ll do, the poor dear will probably waste away to nothing… Hopefully she’ll have a lambie of her own to distract her from the trauma. 🙂

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