New Ground Rules

Everything is all in an uproar since the sheep got shuffled around into different fields. Watcher has been barking almost non-stop, trying to tell me that the sheep are all mixed up and not where they’re supposed to be, come put them back Right Now.
The sheep have been trying to sort out new routines for their new arraignment. Last night I locked Lady and Duchess in the Boys’ Clubhouse and locked Duke out so he wouldn’t pester them all night. This morning when I went to let them out…


“Oh, was I supposed to stay outside? I didn’t think you’d notice one sheep more or less in here…”
Pretty hard not to notice a guy his size. After all the times he’s fought and bashed the door open and run away to get out of the Clubhouse, now he’s bashing his way in. The bright side is that bashing the door inwards balanced out the times he’s bashed it outwards, and now the door hangs almost straight again.


“I know they weren’t in heat thirty seconds ago, but they might be now! I better check again.”
“Sigh. I guess it’s true; you can’t choose who you fall in love with.”
Duchess has always had a massive crush on Duke, but sometimes I don’t think even she knows why.


“We’re following the leader, the leader, the leader! We’re following the leader wherever she may go!”
They seem to have figured out the new marching order on Princess’s side of the field. The fact that Liam is last doesn’t necessarily mean he’s at the bottom of the pecking order; Soay rams tend to always walk at the back of the flock making sure there aren’t any stragglers, and I assume Shetland rams would behave similarly.
Liam still doesn’t seem sure if he wants Princess to be his girlfriend or if he wants her to adopt him. Either way, Princess isn’t impressed. She says she’s tired of the lamb she had, she certainly didn’t want me to move two more in.


“Maybe if I ignore them they’ll go away…”

I wonder if you could race in the Iditarod with a team of sheep? They look ready to be harnessed. Or maybe they’re practicing to pull Santa’s sleigh.


“For the last time, will you all Stop Following Me?! You’re driving me crazy!”
It’s making her decidedly nervous leading an entourage everywhere she goes. She keeps looking over her shoulder and trying to edge away. She always led the ewe flock, but they didn’t usually stick this close together. I suppose Princess is figuring out that there is such a thing as being too attractive.


2 thoughts on “New Ground Rules

  1. Bashing – ah, the power of sheepy testosterone!

    Frankly, I’m rooting for Liam. I think Shetland/Soay cross fleece would be very interesting to spin (hint, hint). Here’s hoping his personality will stay as sweet when he is fully – ahem! – mature.

    As for a sheepy Iditerod team, can you imagine the ruckus it would cause among the canines?

    • I’m rooting for Liam as well. 😉 So far he’s still his funny, fluffy self, except when he’s throwing tantrums at Princess.
      Hmm, I suppose sheep at the Iditarod would be chaotic… but on the other hand, if all the other teams were chasing the sheepy team, that pretty much guarantees that the sheep team would always be in the lead, haha!

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