New Neigh-bors

My grandfather’s field next door is now home to four Arabian horses. I don’t know their names, ages, or even genders except for the chestnut, who’s a gelding. I prefer not knowing, honestly. My grandfather never keeps any animal he buys very long, so it’s better not to get attached. The cows I pretty much ignore, sometimes it takes me a few days to even notice they’re gone. Horses are harder to stay away from, though. There haven’t been any horses on our farm in years, and I went horse crazy many, many years before I went sheep crazy.

The pictures didn’t turn out so well, my real camera is broken and my cell phone isn’t very good for early morning shots, especially ones taken with the sun in front of me.

The horses are very beautiful, and they seem to be pretty friendly (at least for now), but I won’t be completely sorry to see them go when my grandfather decides to get rid of them. This farm has bad history with horses, which is why I generally avoid them, and why we haven’t had any in years. Plus my grandfather is in his seventies and doesn’t know thing one about working with horses, so he doesn’t need to mess around with high strung Arabians anyway.


But I suppose I might as well admire them while they’re here. They really are beautiful.


2 thoughts on “New Neigh-bors

    • The field the horses are in doesn’t have fence line contact with the sheep, so I don’t know what they’d think. If the horses went to the highest point in their field and the sheep went to the highest point in theirs, they might be able to see each other and wave. 🙂

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