Here’s to Next Week

We had to have our roof replaced, so Watcher’s been confined to the house for going on three whole days while the roofers have been going in and out leaving gates open. He’s so crazy with pent up energy we’re each about to murder the other.
Duke continues to try to murder Liam, but so far the only thing he’s managed to murder is the fence between them, which is pretty much trashed. Just for that, I’ve half a mind to breed all four ewes to Liam and not use Duke at all. It would serve him right.

“Noooo! How could you want to use any ram but me?! Look how impressive I am as I smash this fence post! I am magnificent!”
Magnificently smelly, at least. Might want to ease up a bit on whatever rammy version of Axe you’re wearing, big guy.

“At least we’re not all crazy! Look how sane and well-adjusted I turned out! Now where are my crunchies?”
That smile’s not fooling anybody, Neo. I see that crazy gleam in your eyes. I’m pretty sure Liam is the only sane one here, and that’s probably only a matter of time…

“I don’t care about girls! I don’t care about crunchies! Just keep that big hairy buffalo from busting in here and trying to kill me all the time, that’s all I care!”
The sheep flatly refused to come in yesterday evening so of course that night, after not hearing a coyote all summer, I heard a dog/coyote fight going on next door. Murder may have been a possible outcome of that, though I’m not sure how it turned out. I suppose I should just be happy that the casualty list didn’t include any of the sheep.
My local farm store stopped carrying both sheep feed and sheep mineral mix. “No we didn’t, we still have this medicated sheep/goat feed, and a sheep/goat mineral block!” Yes. Thank you. Products sure to be unsuitable for either sheep or goats, and the mineral even comes in a form sure to break their teeth. Lovely. At least no murder was involved, unless you count the death by copper poisoning that would probably result if I actually fed that stuff to my sheep. Not to mention the broken teeth.
That’s not all that’s been going wrong this week, but that’s as much as I want to go into in a blog post. And browsing the various forums I participate in and the blogs I follow, it seems like this week has been filled with an improbable number of emergencies and/or tragedies on a lot of other farms, too. Tomorrow promises to follow the current trend, at least for me, but I’m hoping the jinx will end with the week. Of course, breeding season starts in about a week and half, so the chances of things calming down for any length of time are pretty low.


6 thoughts on “Here’s to Next Week

  1. You are having a rough week/fortnight/month. I prescribe: 1. Chocolate. Take two Ghiradelli chocolate squares (preferably the dark ones) at least once daily, washed down with the beverage of your choice, 2. Get a bunch of rocks large enough to have some heft, but not so large that you can’t hold them in your throwing hand. Throw them at something inanimate, or at least away from annoying, smelly rams and roofers, and 3. Give Liam a crunchie or two for being the most sane animal on the farm. He looks so sweet, out in that field. I hope the testosterone (or the sheepy version of the same) doesn’t turn him into a head-banging lunatic.

  2. Poor Liam- he didn’t know what he was getting into when he moved to this crazy Soay place. Hopefully once he is in with the girls his rammy hormones will kick in. Sometimes with the first timers it takes actually sticking their face in ewe pee or whatever to figure it out.

    • I think he’ll do fine. He does “talk” with the girls through the fence, but he’s a practical sheep and since he can’t reach them he just goes on with his grazing instead of driving himself crazy trying to get to them.

      • He probably doesn’t realize that these girls are different from his momma and sister. Or rather, he is different now! In my flock he was around lots of girls and a few wethers, no intact males other than himself, so it makes sense that he would be confused by all this ram behavior!

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