The Photo Table

I’m not much of one for displaying family photos. I love looking at pictures on my laptop (or in photo albums if they’re very old) but I find it disturbing to have frozen faces in pictures smiling at me around the house, and even more so when they’re pictures of me.

The one exception is a round end table in my room that I call my “Grandma Table”, where I have pictures of all my animals, or at least the ones that stayed long enough for me to have pictures of them. I finally got around to printing a picture of Liam for the table, which is what prompted this post. Sometimes it takes a while for a new animal to get their picture on the table, partly because printing from my laptop is difficult and fiddly, and partly because it can take quite a while with animals to get a shot good enough to print.Table

Left column, top to bottom: Black Jack, Wild Thing and Skywalker, Barnabus.

Middle column: Her Royal Woolliness Princess Hay Ewe, Duchess, Duke, Lady, Her Royal Woolliness Princess Nova and Neo.

Right column: Ch Lisara’s Father Knows Best (Buddy), Sandy, Watcher, Square Peg Liam.

Almost everyone in the pictures is older now than they were when the pictures were taken, and some of them are gone. The table’s starting to get pretty crowded. I don’t know how I’m going to squeeze next spring’s lambs in, considering that next year I could theoretically have up to a half dozen lambs. They might fit if they helpfully pose for a group shot like Nova and Neo did, but animal group shots are tricky and I doubt I’ll be able to get more than two in one picture. If they won’t fit, I suppose I’ll  have to put them somewhere else or get a bigger table. The oldest faces are the most precious, and I’m not displacing them to make room for faces I can still see in person.


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