Hanging On

In the past week Duke has bashed through the gate and tried to kill Liam. Twice. Liam finally just stayed down and played dead, which nearly gave me a heart attack but did seem to confuse Duke, at least temporarily.


“He was talking to my girlfriends!”
Look at that innocent face. How a sheep that is such a sweetheart most of the year can be such a boneheaded thug in the fall is testament to the power of unbridled hormones.


“Daddy was mean to my friend Liam, ShepherdPerson! It was scary!”
Neo stayed well out of the way, repeatedly making his distinctive funny little”Be-EH?” noise. He’s the only sheep I have with a two-syllable baa. Liam wasn’t hurt, he’s just laying down because he’s not a morning person. He’s almost always still laying down when I go out.
In the excitement of Duke’s second assassination attempt, the yard gate was left open and Watcher escaped. He fulfilled his longtime ambition to catch rabbits, but they were only the statues from the front garden. I’m more willing to forgive his escapades since he’s been so diligent about keeping an eye on the sheep and sounding the alarm when something is wrong. Collies firmly believe that it is their job to see that everyone gets along without fighting, whether in the house or in the field.

“You sheepies behave yourselves! Don’t make me come over there!”
Lady and Duchess seem curious about Watcher. If they’re in the Clubhouse (which isn’t electrified) they’ll come right up and sniff his nose, but Princess just looks like she’d love to see Watcher test that OuchyZappyFence. She’s been short tempered lately, probably due to her own hormones plus dealing with everyone else’s hormones. I’ve got a lovely dark bruise on my calf and I’m not even sure what I did to earn her royal displeasure. Whatever it was, it warranted her signature move of tossing her head backwards to hit with the tips of her horns, instead of the regular (and surprisingly less painful) forehead-first head butt. Usually she only does that when she’s exceptionally irritated, and almost never tries it on me.
I’m just trying to get everyone to hang on for another two weeks or so until the rams and ewes go together and there’ll be a nice empty field between the two guys. With Duke, Lady, and Princess together at least all the exceptionally violent attitudes will be concentrated in one place. Which may or may not be a good thing, but it’s the only plan I can think of that has a reasonable chance of success.


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