Getting Ready

Only about two and a half weeks until the rams go in with the ewes, and everybody except Liam is raring to go. Liam is kind of confused as to what all the fuss is about. Duke is not confused at all. He broke  through the gate the other day and tried to eliminate the competition. Liam will probably be glad when Duke goes to the other side of the field and the girls move in.


“You’re going to let the girls in here?! But those girls are scary!”

The girls are indeed becoming scary as their hormones ramp up. Fortunately for Liam, the plan at the moment (still subject to change without notice thrice daily) is for him to hang out with Duchess and Nova while Princess and Lady go visit Duke. Nova may have lost most of her Lamb Privileges, but Princess evidently prefers to keep letting Nova nurse rather than deal with the discomfort of drying off. Nova sees no problem with flirting shamelessly one minute and nursing the next. Judging by Lady and Neo, the breeding season should be plenty long enough to get Nova weaned and Princess dried off.

I’m going to leave Duchess with Nova because they’ve always gotten along, while Lady has never liked Nova and is now so (literally) bonkers that only Princess can handle her. Earlier today Lady started a fight with Princess and they slammed their heads together so hard that both ewes’ hind legs came off the ground at the impact and Lady started going in circles and shaking her head like she was seeing stars. Every time there was a lull in the fight, Nova would jump in and “help”.


“I taught her a lesson!”

“I helped!”

Poor Lady. I hope she didn’t concuss herself. She should have known better than to challenge the Royal Woolliness Dynasty. I was reading up on some of my favorite historical women the other day, and I found Princess’s double:


Anybody else sees the resemblance between Her Royal Woolliness and Queen Nefertiti? It’s a shame all my favorite ancient ladies have names too strange even for sheep. Nova narrowly escaped being named after Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians. It would have been a pain in the neck having to keep inserting those special characters every time I typed her name, so I had to regretfully scratch it from the list.


“I’m glad ShepherdPerson changed her mind, because If Nova had been Æthelflæd, I would have been Taliesin, and I like being Neo. Shepherdperson says maybe I’ll have a little brother named Taliesin some year.”

This is why I should never have human kids. Poor little Aurelius and Taliesin and Æthelflæd would spend half their lives in therapy.


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